Published on 01/09/2015

Appointments within the Societe Generale Group

Societe Generale announces the appointment of Gilles Briatta as General Secretary and Group Chief Compliance Officer as of 1 September 2015. In his new role, Gilles Briatta will become a member of the Group’s executive committee.

Gilles Briatta, previously Group Deputy General Secretary, is replacing Patrick Suet, who will assume the newly-created position of full-time Secretary of the Board of Directors, as part of the new governance of the Group marked by the separation of the offices of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, following the General Shareholders’ Meeting of 19 May 2015. This position will also encompass the roles of Secretary to the Committees¹ and Assistant to the Chairman in the completion of his duties.

Arnaud Jacquemin, previously Deputy Group Chief Risk Officer, is succeeding Gilles Briatta as Group Deputy General Secretary. Arnaud Jacquemin is a member of the Group Management Committee.



Patrick Suet has been General Secretary and Group Chief Compliance Officer since 2009. A graduate of the National School of Administration (ENA), Patrick Suet held various positions at the French Ministry of Finance before becoming Deputy Head of Staff and then Head of Staff for the French Prime Minister from 1993 to 1995. He served as Chief Administrative Officer of Elf Aquitaine before joining Societe Generale group in 2000 as Deputy General Secretary.

Gilles Briatta has been Group Deputy General Secretary since 2 November 2011. A graduate of the National School of Administration (ENA), Gilles Briatta served in various roles within the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both in France and internationally, and has devoted most of his career to European issues. He worked for the delegation of the European Commission in Washington from 1991 to 1994, before becoming Advisor to the French permanent representation to the European Union from 1997 to 2002, Head of European Cooperation from 2004 to 2007 and General Secretary for European Affairs and European Union Advisor to French Prime Minister until 2011.

Arnaud Jacquemin, a graduate of Ecole polytechnique and Ecole nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, has been Deputy Group Chief Risk Officer since April 2012. He joined the Group in 1993 and served in various roles within Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking in France and the United States, moving from project financing to Head of Strategy for SG CIB. In 2003, he joined the Finance and Corporate Planning Division as Deputy Head of Financial Management. In late 2004, he was appointed Head of Group Financial Management, followed by Deputy Group Chief Financial Officer in 2008.

¹Audit and internal control committee; Risk committee; compensation committee; nomination and corporate governance committee