Committed with young people in France

Published on 20/06/2019

Partner of the Journées Nationales Des Jeunes (National Youth Day), Societe Generale is opening its doors to young people and students in France and around the world to enable them to better understand banking and discuss what tomorrow’s company will look like. Workshops, meetings, visits relating to key topics such as cybersecurity, financial education, learning how to code, sustainable mobility, … The aim of this 8th day of national mobilization was to promote the professional integration of young people and encourage interaction between the academic and corporate worlds. The key theme: self-confidence. #OpenSG

Feedback from schoolchildren

Between exchanges with the speakers and creation of their first website or coding workshop, relive the experience of the high school students of the Suger high school during their visit to the Technopole des Dunes.
The high school students discovered, during a whole morning, the premises of the Dunes, as well as the world of coding through various activities such as programming and the creation of an Internet page.

Why open the doors to youth?

ALD Automotive, the leading vehicle leasing operation in Europe opened up its Mobility Room near Paris in France to students to increase their awareness of sustainable mobility issues. It provided them with an opportunity to share their opinion of the challenges that towns and cities will face in the future and to participate in a number of experiments currently taking place. Head of New Mobility at ALD Automotive, Didier Blocus explains the importance of communicating and exchanging with high school students. Sharing fascinating information regarding new technologies and innovation!

Discover high school teachers’ testimonials on their students’ participation.

The aim of the 8th edition of this National Youth Day in France  was to promote the professional integration of young people and encourage interaction between the academic and corporate worlds. Discover what teachers and educators thought about their classes’ participation in National Youth Day at Societe Generale and its mobility subsidiary, ALD Automotive.

What did the teachers think?

What did the teachers think? - series

Coding leads to professions with a future

During the National Youth Day in France, the HR Innovation officer, staff members and work-study students explain the importance of coding in today’s world – and, more importantly, tomorrow’s world.
We look back at the partnership with ITSchool, and hear from members of staff who have taken digital technology onboard by evolving and taking developer training. They explain the need to know and understand this new language that is fundamental for the future.


Coding, a skill for the future

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