The Bank plays an active short-term and long-term role in supporting the economy and remains attentive to stakeholders who influence the banking sector. Shareholders, customers, investors or suppliers, the consideration of its stakeholders is at the heart of it responsible approach. The Group’s ambition is to structure and value its dialogue with stakeholders.

In today’s ever-changing world which is constantly exposed to new risks, stakeholder expectations and needs are increasingly varied and exacting. As such, Societe Generale seeks to constantly adapt with a progress-oriented approach.

Who are the stakeholders?

These are communities within or outside of the Group - shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, public authorities and civil society (charities, NGOs, etc.) - which share the same interests, the same logic and influences, and with which it has fostered a climate of dialogue and exchange.

With our customers

In 2014, Societe Generale reaffirmed its ambition to be the reference relationship bank in its markets, close to its customers and chosen for the quality and commitment of its teams. This strategic push has resulted in the introduction of various tools to improve customer relations and the customer experience, with the aim of managing their satisfaction and recommendation intentions more closely.

1st bank on mobil canal :

Societe Generale is currently recognised as the leading mobile bank, the most reactive bank on Twitter and the only French brand to have received a #TwitterAward for its commitment to answering all queries on Twitter within 30 minutes.

These combined measures underpin a quality certification programme for Societe Generale’s branches, launched in 2013 with the aim of making the Group’s resolutely customer-focused strategic orientation a reality. The percentage of certified branches meeting the criteria of excellence has increased steadily since 2013.

In France, Societe Generale is committed to finding immediate and durable mediation solutions, in the event of disputes, to ensure customer satisfaction and that their claims are monitored.

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Customer satisfaction

Within each of the main France Retail Banking customer segments (individual, professional and corporate customers), Societe Generale, its specialised subsidiaries (Sogécap, Sogessur, Franfinance, etc.) and Credit du Nord have been surveying representative samples of their respective customers – as well as clients of the top 11 French banks – in order to assess their level of relative satisfaction. These polls reveal the overall and detailed level of customer satisfaction across every aspect of the banking relationship.

For its part, in order to refine its products and services offer and to meet at the best its client’s needs, Corporate and Investment Banking conducts annual surveys based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

International Retail Banking gradually rollout a programme to mesure clients’ satisfaction, based on the NPS.

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With shareholders and investors

Proximity, transparency and listening define the relationships we want to build with our shareholders and investors.
Made up of a dedicated team, divided between institutional investors and individual shareholders, the department in charge of these relations is responsible for ensuring the Group’s communication on its earnings and strategy. It is also responsible for implementing the principles defined by the Group in terms of financial disclosure and developing a policy of proximity based on listening and dialogue.

This year, a new type of roadshow was organised as part of the Societe Generale positive impact green bond issuance, which contributes to financing the low-carbon economy.

Shareholder space
Investor space

With rating agencies

The Group attaches great importance on its financial and non-financial ratings. The Group strives to obtain ratings that best reflect its CSR actions by ensuring the quality and transparency of the data provided.

In a constructive approach, the bank answers regularly to evaluation questionnaires from rating and extra-financial agencies. These surveys help him to better identify its areas of progress as regards RSE.

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Extra-financial ratings

With civil society

Societe Generale promotes constructive talks with all its stakeholders. In particular the Group is careful to listen to and engage in dialogue with NGOs that alert it to E&S issues within its sphere of influence or that can help it to adapt its policies and procedures in a progress-oriented approach.
The bank has implemented a procedure for centralizing questioning and contact originating from NGOs within the CSR Department, which is intended to alert it to the impacts associated with its financing or other services. Wherever possible, an internal enquiry is conducted and documented replies are supplied in writing or at meetings when appropriate. In 2016, the Bank created a new space: Dialogue and Transparency.

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With our employees

Societe Generale aims seeks set the standard for relationship banking, an ambition that shapes the Group’s Human Resources (HR) policy. In order to gain the best possible understanding of the business lines’ challenges and changes in the environment, the HR strategic priorities are:

  • Accompany trades that are transforming
  • Develop a relationship banking culture based on common values
  • Foster employee commitment.

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With our suppliers

The Group aims at building lasting and balanced relationships with its suppliers, whether they are large international groups or innovative start-ups. With EUR 6.5 billion in purchases in 2016, sourcing, at Societe Generale, is an important economic lever.

A new 2016-2018 action plan has been launched to ensure the Group continues to lead by example in terms of responsible sourcing. Supporting the Group’s values and reflecting its Environmental and Social commitments, the 2018 Positive Sourcing Program is based on ethical sourcing practices, compliance with which is an essential prerequisite to achieving the targets set for 2018. It is based on two components. The plan is a continuation of the work to implement the internal instructions on “Responsible Sourcing Practices”, which was appended to the Global Agreement on Fundamental Rights signed in June 2015 with the UNI Global Union, demonstrating the Group’s intention to apply it across all its entities.

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UNI Agreement

Commitments to SME’s

In 2016, France, 32% of the Group's expenses are made from SME’s.
The VSB/SME satisfaction score in the 2016 Supplier Survey was 83% (vs. 76% in 2015), placing the Group above the average for the Banking and Insurance sector.

With regulators and supervisors

In all countries in which the Group is present, it builds close relationships with the banking and financial supervision authorities and regulators. This helps him to understand and to anticipate regulatory changes, while also enabling to contribute to them through regular consultations with these authorities.

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