Societe Generale is 160 years old!

Published on 04/05/2024
Societe Generale is 160 years old!
Décret d'application du 4 mai 1864
It was 4 May 1864... at the height of the Industrial Revolution, Napoleon III signed the decree creating Societe Generale with the mission of "promoting the development of trade and industry". From generation to generation, we have maintained and constantly renewed this original raison d'être, serving our customers and society as a whole.

Who would have imagined 160 years ago that the ambition of our founders, a group of industrialists and financiers driven by the ideals of progress, would bring us together in 2024, driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit, to serve more than 25 million customers in 65 countries?


For 160 years, we have been making our clients' ideas grow

Shaped by generations of employees and customers, our Group has always supported economic development: yesterday by accompanying the industrial revolution, today and tomorrow by resolutely addressing the challenges of our time for sustainable development and responsible transition.

The strength of this legacy, inherited from previous generations, enables Societe Generale to face the future with audacity, determination and confidence.

160 years - Making ideas grow for 160 years


We are Societe Generale

Supporting the challenges of every epoch – from the industrial revolution to the environmental transition. Contributing to the development of economies and territories. Financing major public works, infrastructure, industry and sustainable energy. Inventing new financing models and reinventing the banking profession. Supporting culture and sport and tackling inequalities... Generation after generation, with a commitment and a passion for our business, we are writing the pages of our collective history, together and with our clients. 


We are Societe Generale.
We are a century and half of history, values, ambitions.

We are more than a hundred thousand, from all cultures, all ages, and nations.
We are France, we are Europe, we are the world.

We are the ones who carried progress forward.
From the industrial revolution to world trade evolution.

To the growth of cities, culture, health and humankind.
In our communities, our countries.

Moved by our passion for our work as bankers.
Help great ideas see the light of day and projects take form.

Support businesses, young generations, support families.
Finance those who want to build and move forward.

Be the essential cog, catalyze the most ambitious visions.
Be the ones who imagine solutions, who make things possible, take the decisions.

Be the ones who believe that small projects are first steps to reach the new frontier.
Listening deeply, understanding goals.

We are proud of our mission, we are proud of our story.
We are strong, and we are together.

For our clients, for their service, we combine our expertise.
We are an investment bank, a retail bank, a private bank, all of these.

We advise, we finance, we provide mobility, we insure.
We walk by the side of our 25 million clients on all the paths of life.
From generation to generation, sometimes through decades, to be sure.

We went all the way to the top; we experienced the thrill of success.
We went through multiple crises, we disappointed, we had issues to address.

Today we are back, and we are ready.
For the sake of tomorrow, we reinvent ourselves, we stand steady.
We build strong foundations, in a world which is challenged.
We want to be founders again, for the sake of a better future.

We push sustainable projects with a sense of duty to our planet.
We commit to financial inclusion, social equity, and responsible technology.

We want to support virtuous business models for the improvement of all.
We encourage our clients and partners to be more ambitious, not to think small.

Acutely aware of our responsibility, in all our spheres.
We walk through centuries, but keep our spirit as pioneers.

Be audacious, courageous, creative … make impactful contributions.
For the sake of long-term value creation, come up with new solutions.

Understand the world of tomorrow, the next generations.
Understand the defining challenges of the coming decades and of radical evolutions.

Do our part. Lead, dare, innovate and build.

Our head held high, our conscience, look with confidence into the future, with our vision fulfilled.