Our commitments in action

To provide as many people as possible with the resources to make a positive impact for the future. This is Societe Generale’s ambition to bring new hope, build alternative perspectives and make responsible commitments sustainable.

Frédéric Oudéa, Directeur général de Société Générale
Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer

Discovering the world of work 

A long-standing partner of the Journées nationales des jeunes (National Youth Days) programme in France, which provides a link between education and business, the Bank contributed to the 8th edition of this annual event, this year dedicated to self-esteem.

In addition, through the Group's Mon premier stage (My first internship) programme, which aims at promoting equal opportunities, Societe Generale has promised to offer 2,000 internships to young people from disadvantaged urban areas in France. On these occasions, the Group opens its doors to young people by offering them a series of meetings and workshops on the topics of cybersecurity, financial education, learning how to code and sustainable mobility. These themes are designed to raise awareness about the skills of tomorrow and help plan for their future professional careers.

Contribute to sustainable vocational integration 

The embodiment of the Group's faith in the future, the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation acts in accordance with two pillars, both in France and abroad:

  • vocational integration by supporting organisations that help guide vulnerable groups towards employment, and
  • social integration through the education of young people via educational, cultural or sports programmes.

The Foundation offers a wide range of ways for staff to be socially engaged, allowing them to share their skills in a beneficial and supportive manner while giving meaning to their professional work. For example, the Senior Part-Time scheme allows those staff approaching retirement, and with ten years of employment at the Group, to work part-time within an association they value, while remaining employed by the Group.

A highpoint of the Group's solidarity commitment, the annual Citizen Commitment Time event gives staff the opportunity to strengthen and build on their social commitment with a partner association in a number of ways, including donations, sports challenges and other fun activities. In 2019, nearly 11,000 members of staff took part in more than 30 countries. 

  • 1,105 not-for-profit projects supported in 33 countries for a total of €31 million by the Foundation since its creation in 2006
  • €1 raised = €1 matched by Societe Generale on the Ulule platform for the 12 projects selected during the 1st year of the partnership

Local initiative in Africa 



Encouraging vocational integration, promoting social innovation and encouraging women to become entrepreneurs are all objectives pursued by the Societe Generale Foundation in Africa. In total, €666,500 in grants was awarded to 15 projects on the continent. To provide further subsidiaries for local citizen initiatives, in 2019 the Foundation set up the PanAfrican Charity Awards, a programme for which the 17 African entities of the Group were invited to present a project from one of their local partner associations. Out of the ten nominations submitted, three associations received an endowment from the Foundation.

  • 80% of people trained in digital professions as part of the Simplon project find a job within 6 months
  • 21,476 staff members took part in solidarity initiatives in 2019 (up by 15%)

Digital Technology helping the social inclusion of refugees 

Given that the majority of jobs require a minimum level of digital skills, Konexio, supported by the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation, offers digital training to refugees in France, to help equip them with basic digital technology skills and make them self-reliant. Konexio also involves its partner companies through coaching or mentoring modules.
Societe Generale also participates in this area and encourages its staff to do likewise, particularly during workshops to help write CVs. Convinced of the importance of digital technology as a route towards integration, the Foundation also supports the ReDI School of Digital Integration in Germany, which allows young people from immigrant families or disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire basic computer skills free of charge.

Supporting the professional integration and education of people in difficulty

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