Published on 07/10/2020

Meet the winners of the Banking Innovation Awards organised by Societe Generale and Wavestone

For the fourth year in a row, Societe Generale and Wavestone have teamed up to reward the innovative startups and SMEs who offer their services to the banking sector notably in the cybersecurity, data and artificial intelligence fields.

Four awards

The finalists were selected by a panel of Societe Generale Management Committee members and experts, Wavestone executives, ANSSI's Director General and an academic specializing in Machine Intelligence and Learning Systems. After much deliberation, the winners of each category are:

 Hackuity for the "Cybersecurity 2020" Award
The Hackuity platform rethinks how IT vulnerabilities are managed in businesses by collecting, standardizing and orchestrating all automated or manual security assessment practices.

 Inqom for the "Data & AI 2020" Award
SaaS Inqom software automates accounting production and generates balance sheet in real time. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the solution processes and enriches accounting data to create centralized, standardized and intelligent accounting.

 Isahit for the "Data for Good & Ethics" Award
The French “Tech for Good” Isahit offers companies a digital sourcing impact platform, for the processing of digital tasks that cannot be supported by artificial intelligence.

 CryptoNext  for the "Cybersecurity Made In France" Award
CryptoNext encryption technology makes data resistant to the power of quantum computing. Its software is intended to be implemented in the offerings of the major players in computer security.

The winners of the "Cybersecurity 2020" and the "Data & AI 2020" Awards will be able to test their solution at Societe Generale and join Shake'Up, Wavestone's startup accelerator program. The "Data for Good & Ethics" and "Cybersecurity Made In France" Awards will present their solution to Societe Generale Uses Strategic Committee and Safety Innovation Committee and Wavestone Innovation Corner, benefit from three coaching meetings with experts from both companies.

Innovation, coupled with accountability, is a strategic priority to transform our activities and enrich our relationship with our customers. Societe Generale has scaled up its efforts in terms of data and artificial intelligence to customize faster, more relevant solutions while ensuring its role as a trusted third party. Our close relationship with the startup ecosystem helps us to design the bank of tomorrow.” Sylvain Thiry, Societe Generale Group Chief Information Security Officer.

« Major transformations in all industries will undoubtedly be driven by better data usage. Artificial intelligence will make it possible to make the most of it, especially thanks to its ability to analyze large volumes of information. But this concentration and its uses will also attract cyber criminals, who are quick to steal and resell data or block systems to demand ransoms. It is in this context that we mobilize our strengths and support the innovation ecosystem on all dimensions.” Gérôme BILLOIS, Partner at Wavestone.

Banking Innovation Awards

Driven by the desire to put innovation at the centre of the transformation of the banking sector, Societe Generale Group and the consulting firm Wavestone are rewarding innovative solutions offered to the bank and its clients in the fields of cybersecurity, data and artificial intelligence.

The Banking Innovation Awards are aimed at European startups and SMEs who are developing new security tools, in an open innovation approach aiming to increase contacts and exchanges between players in the banking ecosystem, in order to co-build value-creating solutions for Societe Generale and Wavestone customers, while ensuring the security of data and IT systems.

In 2019, the competition awarded startups Hazy, Keeex and for their innovative solution.

The 2020 edition has dedicated a new Award category to data, a topic more than ever linked to those of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.


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