Published on 14/06/2022

Carlos Gonçalves appointed Societe Generale Group’s global Chief Information Officer

Societe Generale announce the appointment of Carlos Gonçalves as Global Chief Information Officer for the Group, effective as of 15th June 2022. Carlos Gonçalves will report to Gaëlle Olivier, Group Deputy General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, who will directly oversee the Group Resources and Digital Transformation Service Unit.

As a member of the Group Management Committee, Carlos Gonçalves will focus on ensuring the strength and security of the Group’s IT, improving its operational efficiency while facilitating business transformation to better serve Societe General Group’s customers and employees.

Complete biography of Carlos Gonçalves
Since November 2016, Carlos Gonçalves was Global Chief Technology Officer for the Group. Previously, Carlos was appointed Global Chief Information Officer for SGCIB in July 2011. He was formerly Deputy Global Chief Information Officer for SG CIB, since 2009. In 2013 he took over the supervision of all IT for Private Banking, Asset Management and Securities Services. In January 1993, Carlos Gonçalves joined SG CIB’s Equities Derivatives IT department, where he participated in the conception and development of a large number of SG CIB’s systems, responsible for products and architecture. In 2007, Carlos was appointed Global Head of Equities Derivatives Technology. Prior to joining Société Générale, he worked for Portugal Telecom in the Research and Development teams. Carlos Gonçalves is a graduate of Nova University in Lisbon (UNL).

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