Published on 11/03/2024

Appointment of Christophe Tummers as Group Chief Data Officer

Christophe Tummers is appointed Group Chief Data Officer, as of April 1st 2024.

Data is at the heart of the transformation of financial services and a key element of Societe Generale’s strategy. Reporting to Laura Mather, Group Chief Operating Officer, Christophe will be responsible for the Global Data Office.

Christophe is a seasoned data professional with close to 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He joins Societe Generale from UBS, where he was a Managing Director and most recently held the positions of Group Chief Data Officer (Group CDO) and then CDO for ESG.

Biography of Christophe Tummers
Christophe has a computer engineering degree and a passion for data excellence.
Christophe was a managing director at UBS where he held various senior positions, including the Group CDO and the CDO for ESG roles.
Christophe established the group CDO function and the group data management office, and led the remediation of the firm's data architecture, governance and quality. He also held various senior roles in operations and technology, all at UBS.
As a long-standing board member of the EDM council, he contributed to the best-practice data management standards for the financial industry.
Christophe is a dual citizen of Switzerland and Belgium, and has lived and worked in multiple global cities, such as New York, Zurich, Singapore and London.

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