Published on 04/07/2019

Societe Generale Group and Wavestone reward three startups for the Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards

Societe Generale Group and Wavestone rewarded on July 4th three startups for the third edition of the Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards.

3 winners for the 2019 Awards

The jury of the 2019 Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards, comprising managing directors and experts from Societe Generale Group and Wavestone, as well as from ANSSI, Paris VIII University and BFM Business, rewarded the three winners selected from a shortlist of six startups finalists:

  • Hazy limited for the “2019 BCSIA Grand Prix”:
    Hazy Limited generates synthetic data to help companies avoid exposing their sensitive data (thus not compromising privacy and confidential information), replacing it with data analysis tasks, while retaining the properties of the original data sets.
  • Keeex for the “Customer Data Protection” category:
    Keeex is a universal process to solve problems of accuracy and authenticity of data allowing all employees or machines to certify the files they process and their recipients to be able to verify the authenticity of it.
  • Sekoia.IO for the “Made in France" category:
    Sekoia.IO is a defensive computing platform for detection and response to security incidents, focused on threat intelligence, that meets today's challenges.

The winner of “2019 BCSIA Grand Prix” will test its solution within Societe Generale and join Wavestone’s startup accelerator programme, Shake’Up. The winners of prizes “Data Customer Protection” and “Made in France” have the opportunity to participate in the Societe Generale Cybersecurity Innovation Committee and the Wavestone Innovation Corners and will see their solution promoted within the jury, media and cyber experts from Societe Generale Group and Wavestone.

“Innovation coupled with responsibility is a strategic priority for transforming our businesses and inventing new business models: we are committed to protecting our clients’ data and strengthening our trusted partner role as well supporting the development of these startups, actors of tomorrow’s economy,” said Thierry Olivier, CISO Societe Generale Group.

Cybersecurity issues have an increasing impact on Data. This year, we have seen the emergence of a new generation of startups that bring innovative solutions, remove obstacles and launch new services, says Gérôme BILLOIS, Cyber Security and Digital Trust Partner at Wavestone. 

The Banking CyberSecurity Innovation Awards

With the advent of new technologies and usages, the instantaneous nature of the digital experience and the exponential increase in data production, cybercrime-related threats and incidents are increasing steadily.

Societe Generale is measuring the risks of this growing cybercrime and prioritising the protection of its information systems and the data entrusted to the bank by its clients. 

Wavestone, one of Europe's leading consulting firms, is adopting innovative approaches to supporting its clients by identifying and minimising these new risks. 

The Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards invite European startups and innovative SMEs to submit and promote their cybersecurity solutions. This major open innovation initiative aims to increase contacts and exchanges with ecosystem players in order to co-build security solutions for the bank’s systems and exchanges with its clients and to maintain its role as a trusted third party.  

40 startups and innovative SMEs from all over Europe participated in the second edition of the Banking CyberSecurity Innovation Awards.

The submitted applications all cover current issues in cybersecurity, such as authentication, infrastructure security, the combating of fraud, as well as application security and data protection.

A shortlist of six finalist startups was selected during the initial selection process, all of whom presented their projects to a jury selected for its technical and strategic expertise:

  • Gérôme Billois, Partner Cybersecurity Wavestone;
  • Claire Calmejane, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Societe Generale;
  • Frédérick Douzet, Geopolitics Professor, Paris VIII University;
  • Pascal Imbert, CEO Wavestone;
  • Christophe Leblanc, Group Head of Resources and Digital Transformation, Societe Generale;
  • Reza Maghsoudnia, Strategic Development Director, Wavestone;
  • Thierry Olivier, Group CISO, Societe Generale;
  • Guillaume Poupard, General Director, ANSSI;
  • Frédéric Simottel, Editor, BFM Business.

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