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Societe Generale Secures Prestigious Awards for its Sustainability Leadership

Societe Generale won the prestigious IFR "Bank for Sustainability" award and was rewarded in several categories at Global Finance's Sustainable Finance Awards 2024. These awards recognise the Group’s commitment to sustainable finance and its comprehensive global sustainability strategy. 

The IFR “Bank for Sustainability” award, which is unique among global ESG awards for banks, is in addition to “Best Bank for Sustainable Finance” and “Best Bank for Sustainable Project Finance” awards from Global Finance. The awards underscore Societe Generale's transformative approach, which has successfully accelerated and embedded change across its businesses.

These accolades are a recognition of the efforts made by the Group to transform, build, accelerate, and integrate ESG into all aspects of its operations. 

Transformation initiatives, trainings, as well as innovation capabilities, both in terms of solutions, establishing new standards, and forging new partnerships, have been noteworthy accomplishments in the Bank's candidacy. Key commitments in 2023 include an ambitious 80% reduction target in upstream Oil and Gas exposure by 2030 (with an intermediary 2025 step of -50%) and investments in impactful solutions and partnerships with the launch of a EUR 1 billion investment envelope focusing on transition, nature-based solutions and impact-driven opportunities. 

Societe Generale recently announced an agreement with IFC to accelerate on sustainable finance and the appointment of Subra Suresh as Chairman of the Group’s new Scientific Advisory Council. The Group is also expanding philanthropic actions, partnering with The Ocean Cleanup to remove plastic from oceans and rivers, solidifying its commitment to a sustainable future.

This wide-ranging approach, combined with its commitment to gender equality and ethical and responsible practices, has positioned Societe Generale as a leader in sustainable banking.

Read the full list of awards on IFR website and Global Finance website.

Published on 08/02/2024