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Societe Generale Algeria: a new responsible and innovative head office

Published on 25/03/2024
Societe Generale Algeria: a new responsible and innovative head office

Societe Generale Algeria (SGA), with a constantly expanding network, now has 104 branches. It was one of the very first private banks to establish itself in Algeria in 2000.

A forward-looking property development

As its current head office no longer meets its needs in terms of development, SGA has launched an ambitious programme to build a new head office. This building meets the Group’s international standards, particularly in terms of CSR requirements. In addition, the teams had to meet the challenge of building a high-rise building in a seismic zone with sometimes extreme temperatures.

SGA decided to locate its future head office in the Bab Ezzouar district. “It is a fast-growing business district where a number of large companies are setting up,” explains Tewfik Sennoun, Real Estate Director of Societe Generale Algeria.

An architectural competition was therefore launched, with the aim of defining what a 21st century head office for a French bank based in Algiers might look like. Enia Architectes, a French agency, won the competition. “The architect’s role is also to see the ways in which need can be interpreted and not just the purely functional aspect. We put forward a proposal for a building with very generous inside and outside spaces which holds great potential for Societe Generale’s evolution and development”, explains Brice Piechaczyk, partner architect at Enia Architectes.

A new workspace that promotes well-being and environment

In this new 12-storey, 18,500 m2 head office, there will be 1,100 workstations, a bank branch with a 24/7 self-service area, company restaurant, auditorium and car park with 300 spaces. With this building, Societe Generale will provide its employees with a truly collaborative, innovative and user-friendly workplace, with flex-office workstations, a real change for SGA employees.

“This building, to be delivered at the end of 2024, will have required more than 2 years of work once the foundations have been built,” explains Bertrand Lion, Head of real estate projects at the Group Real Estate Department. “It will perfectly meet the Societe Generale group’s requirements in terms of efficiency, comfort and safety, and will boost SGA’s image and attractiveness in Algeria.”

Innovative construction techniques, well-being for employees, eco-responsibility with the first international HQE certification at excellent level in Algeria... Go behind the scenes of this ambitious and virtuous project with:

Tewfik Sennoun - Directeur Immobilier Société Générale Algérie

Tewfik Sennoun, Société Générale Algeria Head of Real Estate

Brice Piechaczyk, architecte associé du cabinet Enia Architectes

Brice Piechaczyk, Partner architect at Enia Architectes