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Focus on Africa

During a press visit to Abidjan, Societe Generale provided details of its strategy in Africa, which aims to speed up the Group’s growth on the continent, as described in the Group strategic plan for the period until the end of 2016.

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Bernardo Sanchez Incera Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Africa offers a lot of growth opportunities and we aim to speed up our development in the years to come by leveraging on the strengths of our universal banking model, while also taking advantage of synergies to serve our business and individual customers and help them meet their goals on the continent.

Supporting economic activity and jobs

Societe Generale operates in partnership with international financial institutions in more than 25 countries. These relationships enable it to provide the financing solutions necessary for business development, particularly small and medium-sized businesses.

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Societe Generale, a microfinance player in Africa

Microfinance is one of the principal financial inclusion instruments that helps combat poverty. Societe Generale is involved in this in two ways: by granting refinancing facilities to microfinance institutions in local currency and by taking minority shareholdings in some of these institutions.

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Societe Generale Private Banking and Forbes Insights analyse the conditions for global wealth creation.


Economic study

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Business cycle divergences are growing within the developed and emerging economies. The marked decline in oil prices is likely to have differentiated effects. In net importing countries, it should strengthen demand. The impact would however be delayed in countries as in Europe where the domestic situation is still fragile. In net exporting countries, the oil price drop would have restrictive or even destabilising effects on the most vulnerable countries. Against this backdrop, monetary policies are likely to diverge...

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Player: a business incubator for community innovation

Societe Generale is the first partner in residence of Player – a business incubator for community innovation situated at 16 rue du Caire in Paris that opens on 13 April 2015. Located at the heart of the Sentier district – one of the leading French Tech hubs in Paris - Player aims to bring together a community of change drivers with varying profiles: start-ups, social entrepreneurs, digital artists, researchers, futurists and large corporations. They will pool their expertise and knowledge to establish conditions that inspire community innovation open to society as a whole.

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Latest press releases

  • 17/04/2015

    Launch of a new panafrican mobile banking offering

    Societe Generale today announces the launch of a new mobile banking offering that it will gradually roll out across Africa. The first country will have access to it before the end of 2015, as part of the first stage in the new Pan-African multi-channel offering developed to meet the specific needs of African clients: geographically remote, provision of banking facilities in the least populated regions, lack of digital services, etc.

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  • 16/04/2015

    Societe Generale strengthens its leadership in Africa and accelerates its growth

    During a press visit to Abidjan, Societe Generale today provided details of its strategy in Africa, which aims to speed up the Group’s growth on the continent as described in the Group strategic plan for the period until the end of 2016. The development plan draws on the region's strong potential for growth and for banking penetration, and on major commercial and operational synergies between the Group's core businesses.

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