Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer

"We are reaffirming our long-term vision at the heart of economies: to be a trusted partner fully committed to contributing to the positive transformations of the world. The prosperity of Europe, sustainable development in Africa, the fight against climate change, the security of savings or, for instance, sustainable transport are all key challenges to which we will actively contribute. Our role is to build the future. By helping people bring their projects to life, by helping businesses develop, by helping communities be stronger. Our mission is to empower each and every one to have a positive impact on the future."

The new brand signature in our new film

Discover our new brand signature and watch the film illustrating our vision of the world and the role we want to have by your side, enabling you to create, innovate, dare and develop. Find out more in a special preview, ahead of the media launch on 14 November in France and then internationally.

Societe Generale’s new brand platform

A year after the launch of our Transform to grow strategic plan, Societe Generale unveils a new brand platform. Based on the commitment “The future is you”, this signature states the sustainable growth ambitions of a Bank at the service of its clients, the economy and society.

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Positive transformations

The future of Positive Impact Finance is yours to craft

To mark the latest Sustainable and Positive Impact Finance Conference, which took place in Paris on 14 November, read the article by Pierre Palmieri, Head of Global Finance: “Sustainability and Positive Impact is of acute importance worldwide. It is not a new topic within banks, it has been a trend for the past two decades where banks like Societe Generale have started taking into account the environmental and social dimensions in their business. Today, I believe there are two important factors that push us, collectively, to accelerate our involvement: urgency and awareness.”

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Another successful Green Bond!

ACS, a global leader in infrastructure, launched its first Green Bond for €750 million. The construction and services group launched the bond through ACS SCE, the industrial services area of the ACS Group specialised in green projects. While the infrastructure group reaffirms its commitment to reduce climate change with this green bond issue, Societe Generale, as global coordinating bank of the issuance, once again shows its expertise in the field of sustainable finance.

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First bank in France to experiment with the biometric card

To provide ever greater security for contactless payment, Societe Generale is testing a biometric bank card incorporating a fingerprint sensor. On receipt of the card the cardholder records their fingerprint on the biometric card. When the card is used, the fingerprint is verified directly on the card. No element linked to the fingerprint is transmitted to the vendor or the bank. As the cardholder is authenticated by means of fingerprint rather than PIN code, all payments can be made contactless with no limit on the amount spent. Furthermore, the card functions normally for all contact-type payments: in-store, on the Internet or withdrawals.

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Launch of Global Markets Incubator

Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking (SG CIB) is inviting applications from market-dedicated Fintechs to be part of its innovative Global Markets Incubator. The incubator is seeking to co-build high-performance offerings, and will be aiming to work with the most innovative Fintechs that add value to services for clients. The selected Fintechs will benefit from SG CIB’s recognised market expertise, as well as the backing of Le Swave incubator based in La Défense, Paris.

Candidates can apply here until 16 November


Let's talk about... growth

Let's talk entrepreneurship, innovation, positive impact, business, creativity... Let's Talk is a series of 10 videos putting together a young female entrepreneur and an experienced female boss or leader of a start-up. Pitch, career development and advice, all during a 5-minute chat seeking to enable young women to take example from, begin a debate with and share experiences with inspirational women. Discover the advice given by Mercedes Erra, founder of BETC and Executive President of Havas Worldwide, to Clémence Demérliac, founder of AdAlong.

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Financial results


Third Quarter 2018 Results

"Societe Generale published solid results in Q3 18, with a good level of profitability. Our revenues increased due to the confirmed growth in International Retail Banking & Financial Services and the healthy momentum in Financing & Advisory and market activities. On the back of these various developments and its recognition as one of the most socially responsible banks in Europe, the Group is determinedly and confidently pursuing the implementation of its strategic plan.”

Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer

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Latest press releases

  • 12/11/2018

    "The future is you" new brand platform

    A year on from the launch of the Transform to Grow strategic plan, Societe Generale is inaugurating a new brand platform. Driven by the engaging promise "The future is you", this signature marks the bank's sustainable growth ambitions serving customers, the economy and society.

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  • 09/11/2018

    Societe Generale announces the sale of a 2.05% stake in Euroclear to SFPI

    Societe Generale announces the sale of a 2.05% stake in Euroclear to Société Fédérale de Participations et d'Investissement (SFPI).

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