Assemblée générale 2018

Annual General Meeting 2019

Societe Generale's Annual General Meeting took place Tuesday, 21 May 2019 at 4.00pm CET in the Paris Expo - Espace Grande Arche, in La Défense, Paris. An essential annual event for our shareholders, the event provided the opportunity to find out more about the life of our company, dicuss, ask questions and express opinions with the General Management and also vote on the resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors.

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Positive transformations

Poseidon Principles

Societe Generale signs Poseidon Principles

Societe Generale announces it is one of the founding signatories to the Poseidon Principles in collaboration with the Global Maritime Forum, and in league with a significant number of the shipping industry’s leading banks.

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The digital women's day in Dakar

Société Générale is the official partner of the 1st edition of the DIGITAL WOMEN'S DAY IN AFRICA, on June 13 and 14 in Dakar, Senegal. African Digital Women's Day (ADD) is a societal event celebrating women's innovation. Created in 2013 by "the bureau", JFD honours and connects women who are working to revolutionize the world through digital technology.

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Building tomorrow for young people

Claudine Schellino

Claudine Schellino: “I have faith in young people”

France’s National Youth Days allow young people, teachers and entrepreneurs to meet each other in the field and discover little-known professions; the goal is to help them confidently and consciously prepare their future together. Spearheading this project launched 8 years ago, Claudine Schellino assesses these meetings.



Team Ozeo

Ozeo Paris: the scale-up that wants to revolutionise home automation with “Dooz”

Specialised in installing home automation systems for the last 15 years, Ozeo Paris is scaling up thanks to a connected innovation that has already received much market acclaim. Its strategic differentiator? The total integration of the value chain in France with accessible simple-to-use products designed to limit their broader carbon footprint. We meet Ozkan Ok and Olivier Darnault, the two co-founders.

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provepharm Life solutions' team

Provepharm Life Solutions focuses 3rd path pharmaceutical innovation

By giving known molecules new therapeutic potential, PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS is building a global pharmaceutical group. Its strategy? Fast-track innovation and treatments that are accessible to all. We talk with CEO Michel Féraud.



Arielle Kitio Tsamo

Arielle Kitio Tsamo: Cameroon's Coding queen

I first met Arielle Kitio Tsamo at the second edition of the Women in Africa event in Marrakech in September 2018. She was representing Cameroon. At 26 years old, this young entrepreneur with a PhD in software engineering is on track to change the way we see new technologies in Cameroon thanks to her startup, called Caysti, which was officially launched in February 2017. She’s also the ambassador of the Next Einstein Forum.

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Latest press releases

  • 19/06/2019

    ALD offering personal car leasing on

    ALD announces today that it offers personal car leasing on with the launch of ‘Motors’ in Spain, a new store for convenient online car leasing on See below the full press release issued by

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  • 18/06/2019

    Societe Generale signs Poseidon Principles promoting shipping industry decarbonisation

    Societe Generale announces it is one of the founding signatories to the Poseidon Principles.

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