All united against Coronavirus

As a committed company, bank and philanthropic group, Societe Generale is fully supporting the “All united against Coronavirus” alliance led by the Fondation de France, the AP-HP and the Pasteur Institute by making a €1 million donation. Just like this unprecedented alliance of leading players in the face of the epidemic, let’s be united too!
We invite you to join this alliance and make a donation, according to what your means permit. Let's all participate together in this unprecedented collective mobilisation.

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Coronavirus crisis: Societe Generale takes action to support clients

Societe Generale is taking action with our teams to support our clients in need and find the best solutions possible under these extenuating circumstances. Our advisors are committed to staying close to their clients and will be available to relay the various measures communicated by national and regional authorities.

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Societe Generale committed to ensuring the safety of our teams and clients

Societe Generale is closely monitoring the situation and following instructions, across the whole Group, given by the World Health Organisation and the authorities in France. Specific additional measures could locally apply, in relation to stricter instructions by governmental authorities in areas where the Bank operates.
We have put in place locally the necessary measures to ensure business continuity, with consideration for staff and client health and safety as a priority.
Specific measures such as hygiene matters, social distancing, rotation by sub-teams or working from home arrangements, where relevant, are in place to reduce any risk of contamination. Business travels is suspended.

Covid-19: Analysis by Michala Marcussen

Covid-19 has spread across the globe with tragic human loss and severe economic consequences. Hope is now that social distancing and closures will prove effective; both in flattening the epidemiological curve, to ease pressure on health care systems and save lives, and to buy time for medical advances. These preventative measures, while necessary, come at an economic cost, and will be achieved through four main channels.

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Testing policy capacity

The fallout from the Covid-19 crisis is severely disrupting the global economy. The preventive lockdown measures being put in place worldwide are having a marked impact on consumer services, global supply chains and financial markets.
Policy room will now be put to the test, as fast-track and significant size monetary, prudential and fiscal measures will be required to offset the negative shocks and prevent the crisis from morphing into a prolonged and deep global recession.

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Societe Generale joins the Hydrogen Council, supporting the development of hydrogen for energy transition

By joining the Hydrogen Council, Societe Generale demonstrates once again its commitment to a sustainable and climate-resilient future. Discover how hydrogen will assist in the energy transition and what role the bank will play.

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The architect and anthropologist designing the African smart city

After spending two years studying advanced maths at the University of Lomé in Togo, Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou moved to France to continue his education. It was during his studies in Paris that he became interested in Design, the History of Art and Architecture. That’s also when he discovered digital fabrication laboratories (or fablabs). In 2012, he founded Hub Cité.

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Latest press releases

  • 24/03/2020

    Coronavirus crisis: Societe Generale makes available loans with the French state guarantee to its clients

    Societe Generale is fully engaged and will propose French state guaranteed loans to its Professional and Corporate clients starting from Wednesday. Through a partnership with the French State and Bpifrance, Societe Generale proposes loans with a French state guarantee to its clients (Professionals and Coporates) affected by the Coronavirus crisis loans with a French state guarantee

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  • 18/03/2020

    Release of the notice of the combined General Meeting of 19 May 2020

    The shareholders of Société Générale are hereby informed that a combined (ordinary and extraordinary) General Meeting shall be held on Monday 19 May 2020 at Espace Grande Arche in Paris-La Défense (France). The notice of General Meeting, including the agenda and the draft resolutions, as well as the conditions and methods to participate and vote in the General Meeting, have been released today in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires (BALO).

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