Societe Generale Insurance, Ebaotech and Moonshot-Internet announce a strategic partnership in Europe

Moonshot-Internet and eBaoTech have signed a strategic partnership to sell contextual insurances through E-commerce websites in Europe

Moonshot-Internet, the B2B2C InsurTech dedicated to E-merchants created by Societe Generale Insurance in March 2017 is the first client in Europe of  eBaoCloud®, solution of eBaoTech, a leading global provider of smart connected insurance platform for both life and general insurance.

eBaoCloud® is an open API platform providing micro services allowing to build innovative data analysis models and to develop insurance solutions in a dedicated Cloud. Since its launch in 2015, more than 300 insurance products have been rolled out on eBaoCloud® by over 50 clients, including insurance brokers, wealth management companies, aggregators and several global and local insurance carriers across markets in Asia and now in Europe with Moonshot-Internet and Societe Generale Insurance.

Moonshot-Internet has chosen this platform to industrialize the distribution of its contextual insurances and services for E-merchants. Moonshot-Internet solutions will be integrated on partner websites through Application Programming Interface (API) to improve customer journey with real-time services just after claims.

Moonshot-Internet has already developed two ranges of products dedicated to E-merchants of the transportation industry and more generally, to all E-merchants and players of the collaborative economy with return shipping offers. For example, in case of flight delay, customers of the E-merchants partner who have subscribed an insurance product are immediately notified and reimbursed or provided access to VIP services.

«We are proud of this strategic partnership between eBaoTech and Moonshot-Internet which will allow reinforcing client’s satisfaction of our partners with innovative and tailor-made insurance offers. With this new step, Moonshot-Internet intends to anticipate usages’evolutions and to become the reference partners of E-merchants in Europe.» said Philippe Perret, CEO of Societe Generale Insurance.

«We are honored that Moonshot-Internet is entering into this long-term and strategic partnership with eBaoTech» said Woody Mo, CEO of eBaoTech. «eBaoTech looks forward to assisting Moonshot-Internet in achieving the maximum effect and value of eBaoCloud® within short period of time».

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