We work with large international groups, SMEs and innovative start-ups to fill our diverse purchasing needs. With all of our suppliers, we aim to maintain close-knit relationships built on trust.

Key sourcing figures

  • 120 buyers in Paris and 100 abroad

  • Presence in 22 countries

  • Over 2 000 suppliers under contract

  • €6.5 billion in annual sourcing expenditure including €4 billion in France

A relationship built on trust and balance

We are intent on working with you to build relationships based on trust, fairness and transparency.

Right from the RFP and throughout the whole process, the buyers ensure that suppliers are treated with fairness by sharing the same level of information with each candidate. As we consider our supplier relationships to be long-term partnerships, we endeavour to provide maximum visibility, by committing on the long-term.

Because banks are subject to specific national and international regulations, we offer you, as of the transmission of the RFP, a template contract which can serve as basis for our exchanges to draw up the final agreement. 

Our Sourcing policy ensures the following:

  • neutrality in our selection of suppliers via a transparent and impartial process;
  • fairness in accessing our deals, on the basis of free and loyal competition, giving the same opportunities to all;
  • efficiency, providing recommendations and operational support to the businesses. Market and needs analysis, advice relating to operational efficiency based on external solutions, negotiations and contract engineering… The Sourcing Division directly contributes to the Group’s performance;
  • operational, legal and contractual security;
  • responsibility, incorporating the Group’s social and environmental commitments into our purchasing practices.

Serving the Group and our customers

The mission of our Sourcing teams is to identify, with your help, the most appropriate solutions to contribute to the operational efficiency of our Group.

To this end, our teams commit themselves, together with you, to:

  • seeking reliable and competitive solutions to meet our clients’ needs;
  • identifying the best solutions on the market to provide Group businesses with advice and expertise
  • anticipating changes and promoting innovative solutions.

This mission is part of the Group’s broader commitment to social and environmental responsibility, compliance and risk management.

Our relationship with you goes further than a simple search for the best price and satisfying an instant need. We carefully take into consideration all the costs and impacts related to the purchase and use of a product or a service, to determine its life-cycle cost, according to the TCO method (Total Cost of Ownership).