Enhanced security thanks to the dynamic crypto code

How does it differ from the traditional bank card? The three numbers of the cryptogram are replaced by an integrated screen which shows a new code every hour. The data therefore becomes obsolete and cannot be used again, providing more reassurance and protection for clients.

Banking fraud is increasing at a growing rate every day (more than 410 million fraudulent payments were made in 2015*). This new technology offers maximum security for online purchases, which today account for more than 700 million banking transactions**.

Societe Generale is the first bank in France to offer its individual clients these new-generation cards containing a dynamic visual cryptogram. They are available to individual clients of Societe Generale who hold a CB/VISA (CB/VPAY, CB/Visa, CB/Visa Premier or CB/Visa Infinite) card for EUR12 per annum on top of the card fee. The card will maintain all of its other functions, such as contactless payments, and will be just as easy to use as there will be no change in the process for making online purchases.

In barely three months, 50,000 customers have already adopted this new-generation card. These customers have notably been able to appreciate the peace of mind this card gives them during online purchases, its innovative aspect and its ease of use.

This new offering comes as part of Societe Generale's strategy to increase the security of its payment methods, and broaden its already comprehensive range of solutions for both its online merchant clients (3D Secure, One-Click, Paylib) and its individual customers (Security Access, e-carte Bleue).

*Source: The banking card observatory (Observatoire de la sécurité des cartes de paiement), 2015
**Source: FEVAD (French e-commerce and distance selling federation), 2015

Dynamic crypto card in brief

For Elodie Trouillaud, Head of Societe Generale's bank card product line, the dynamic crypto card is a response to the development of new card usage. Online purchasing is growing steadily. One out of ten payments are now made online. The dynamic cryptogram card offers our clients greater protection without requiring any change in their behaviour or buying habits.