In its transformation process, Societe Generale is continuing to develop its open innovation strategy, ramping up its relationships with startups and FinTechs and exchanging and cooperating with them more and more. With a double objective for the Group: sharing its expertise (in regulations, investments, distribution, etc.) with outside players and drawing on their know-how in terms of user experience, new technologies and working methods. By cooperating more with these players, Societe Generale is able to identify which startups will create value for its activities from among the thousands of innovative startups on the market.

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Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles Group Head of Corporate Resources and Innovation

In a world of rapid technological and interpersonal change, Societe Generale is drawing on the strength and innovation capacity of a multitude of internal and external players to reinvent the banking industry. Open innovation gives us an opportunity to open up to new worlds and experiences, to think out of the box and to learn from this digital ecosystem in order to capitalise on its agility and technological expertise. The Group intends to pursue and step up its cooperation with startups and FinTechs.

Our partnership with Player

This third edition took place at the offices of Player, a business incubator for community innovation located at the heart of the Sentier district, one of the focal points of the Paris French Tech initiative.
The partnership makes it possible for Societe Generale's teams to explore and better understand the startup ecosystem by immersing themselves in it, accompanied by the PLAYER community. As a result, they are able to take part in experiments that foster new forms of collaborative working and to enjoy direct access to the ecosystem's stakeholders.

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An immersive PLAYER experience for Societe Generale Insurance

One of Societe Generale Insurance's teams will immerse itself in Player with a schedule of meetings with startups and specialists in gamification and prototyping.

Opening up to the outside to enhance our ability to crowdsource innovation

Opening up the business and increasing our contacts with these new stakeholders is critical for:
- thinking differently by building connections between stakeholders in the digital ecosystem and the Bank's business requirements.
- sharing openly through cross-business communities
- encouraging the creation of internal startups
- promoting new places and methods of working

New partnerships with innovative communities


Le Tank: To accelerate our projects by working at Le Tank to collectively build solutions with the space's community to experience design challenges (user experience/user interface and graphic design).

InProcess: To expand the use of design thinking methods in creating the customer experience of tomorrow: carrying out ethnographic research, observing practices, and storyboarding user experiences.

SenseCube: To develop our projects using SenseCube's methods for accelerating social startups and immersing our employees in a unique community.

Plaine Coworking: To immerse our employees and their projects in an emerging community of innovation located in a truly digital space.