Supporting Africa, supporting its talents

Africa sparks the curiosity, desire and passion of those who come in contact with it. After more than 100 years operating on the continent, Societe Generale is still discovering its many riches and supporting its development. No development or progress is possible, however, without the people who bring it about through their commitment and determination to move forward.

Africa as we know it is bursting with human intelligence, it is dynamic, enterprising and enhanced by its many talents, and it is driven by creative and innovative men and women.


Tapping into this wellspring of talent, encouraging talented people to grow and giving them the opportunity to expand their skills, being able to provide the right tools to each person within our banking networks, placing them in key management positions, and then shaping the bank of tomorrow by their side to meet our customers’ requirements: such is the ambition of Societe Generale Group in Africa. 

To this end, an individual training programme - a key component of the Group's strategy in Africa - was launched in 2014. Designed by firms specialising in employee development programmes, its aim is to improve the integration and cohesion of our African teams, to develop their sales and operational expertise, and to give them a common foundation of general banking, managerial and risk management knowledge.

Undertaking new initiatives

Passion for taking new initiatives, commitment to our customers, responsibility, the drive to innovate: these are the values the Group lives by, giving us the strength to meet our daily challenges and successfully transform our bank.

In an effort to ramp up this transformation in Africa, the Group has created an innovation lab in Dakar. The lab is a collaborative platform that values experimentation, risk-taking, an open mind and co-building. It examines banking trends on the African markets, supports start-ups as they realise their plans centred on the bank of tomorrow, and regularly holds competitions such as hackathons aimed at seeing strong initiatives come to life, whether to improve customer satisfaction or to support the provision of banking products and services on the continent.


In addition to these targeted initiatives, Societe Generale's 11,500 employees in Africa are working daily at all levels of the company to develop new banking services to make life easier for the over 3 million individual customers of the bank or to develop financial expertise meeting international standards in order to finance the Group's 150,000 business customers, so that they may in turn contribute to the growth and development of the continent.

Because it is our business to see as far into the future as our customers...