Having operated on the continent for over 100 years, Societe Generale has gained extensive knowledge on the ground and has forged solid experience in providing support to corporate and individual customers. Drawing on its historic roots and geographic coverage, the Bank has now created a forum for the people who are shaping today's dynamic, creative and innovative Africa.


Supporting Africa … Supporting its talents…

Supporting Africa … Supporting its talents…

Africa sparks the curiosity, desire and passion of those who come in contact with it. After more than 100 years operating on the continent, Societe Generale is still discovering its many riches and supporting its development. No development or progress is possible, however, without the people who bring it about through their commitment and determination to move forward.

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Development in Africa

Alexandre Maymat, Head of Africa for Societe Generale, discusses the Bank's development momentum on the continent. "The Group is now present in 18 countries, with nearly 1,000 branches, 11,000 employees, and over 3.3 million clients including 150,000 African companies."

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Ramping-up innovation

Societe Generale has announced the creation of a Lab in Dakar for the purpose of stimulating innovation at all SG subsidiaries in the Sub-Saharan region. This “laboratory of ideas” will be an incubator for innovative initiatives, especially those developed by subsidiaries on the continent.

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A historic commitment in Africa

Societe Generale’s presence in Africa is defined by support for the independence process and an ongoing search for partnerships. Retrace key dates in the Group’s history in Africa, with its local presence, innovations and stories—in images!



Our corporate offer

Solutions to meet our customers’ requirements

Societe Generale employs specialists tasked with making all the experience and services of an international group available to its customers. The Group brings its expertise and its understanding of the local industrial fabric and business environment, the regulatory and fiscal framework and the procedures and formalities that need to be completed.

Societe Generale in Africa




    "Societe Generale has a very extensive network in French-speaking Africa and has demonstrated great expertise and good know-how in the setting up of our Regional Cash Management project."

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    "Societe Generale believed in our project and did not require any other guarantee. Societe Generale has continued to support us and has adapted its offer to our needs by keeping an eye on our development."

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Starting a business in Africa

Societe Generale taps into its many areas of expertise to support entrepreneurs as they start and grow their business in Africa (knowledge of the local manufacturing and commercial landscape, regulatory and tax environment, formalities, financing solutions, etc.). Entrepreneurs have a vision and it's our job to share that vision.

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