Flavien Kouatcha

Flavien Kouatcha, the aquaponics pioneer in Cameroon

Today, I’d like to invite you to find out more about Flavien Kouatcha, who is almost 30. Flavien is an example of youth entrepreneurship in Cameroon. We were on the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship programme, an American programme for detecting talent. Since he was a child, he’s always wanted to have the best job in the world and, as he likes to say, “feed the planet”. His parents and grandparents are farmers.

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Meet Jacobleu, the contemporary visual artist from the Ivory Coast

This man, who received the Ivorian Cultural Order of Merit in 2007 and the Côte d’Ivoire Cinema and Visual Arts Excellence award in 2016 for his many actions to promote the arts, was not predestined to become an artist. “I like drawing, but I was more drawn to literature, philosophy and management careers, so becoming a visual artist wasn’t one of my priorities”, he says.

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Edith Tialeu

Edith Tialeu: The woman who wants to make Douala a creative capital

This coming May, furniture giant Ikea will introduce a number of products resulting from its collaboration with ten designers representing seven African countries. From Dakar to South Africa via Abidjan, the world will discover the creativity and culture of the oldest continent. As a Cameroonian, I was a little frustrated to yet again not see my country on the creativity map.

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Sofia S'mouni

Sofia S'Mouni: A touch of tenderness, a hint of craziness and a good dose of determniation

This young chef, who is 33 years old, married and the mother of an adorable 11 year old daughter, bubbles with energy and has a real passion for the art of gastronomy. A touch of tenderness, a hint of craziness and a good dose of determination; that’s how Sofia S’Mouni defines herself.

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