Manka Angwafo

Manka Angwafo: The face of female agriculture

The first time I met Manka Angwafo was in the Bubble bar in Makepe, a location run by a friend, Eric. It’s the sort of place young Cameroonians meet up after work. A radiating Manka was there, and we had a brief chat. I must admit I was intrigued by her career path. She left a comfortable job as a consultant with the World Bank in Washington DC to move to a rural area and create Grassland Cameroon Ltd. Her business provides services to help improve food supply chains in Africa through affordable asset-based financing to smallholder farmers.

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Douala Art fair

Douala Art Fair, second edition!

“The African art boom is of little interest if Africans themselves don’t buy it”. That’s what I said in 2018 in an interview with Le Monde newspaper. That’s the level at which our thought process began. We started from the simple observation that Africa had to create its own art market. For the last two decades, so-called African contemporary art has been resonating on the international contemporary art scene.

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Alain Nteff

Alain Nteff: Co-founder of Gifted Mom (healthcare for all)

We’re in Douala, at the Café de France, a wonderful location in the city’s Akwa district. Alain Nteff, co-founder of Gifted Mom, is just back from Paris where he had been invited to pitch his project at Vivatech. For those who don’t know, VivaTech is a global annual event for startups and business leaders to celebrate Innovation.

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Arielle Kitio Tsamo

Arielle Kitio Tsamo, Cameroon's Queen of Code

I first met Arielle Kitio Tsamo at the second edition of the Women in Africa event in Marrakech in September 2018. She was representing Cameroon. At 26 years old, this young entrepreneur with a PhD in software engineering is on track to change the way we see new technologies in Cameroon thanks to her startup, Caysti, which was officially launched in February 2017. She’s also the ambassador of the Next Einstein Forum.

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Meryanne-Loum Martin

Meryanne Loum-Martin: The only black woman to have a boutique hotel in Morocco

I went to Jnane Tamsna for the first time a fortnight ago. It was for AFreeCulture, the annual creativity event organised by three women: Meryanne Loum-Martin, Mashariki Williamson and Roberta Annan. It was held in Meryanne’s boutique hotel and I wanted to find out more about her background.

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