Developing YUP in Africa

Societe Generale and YUP's shared ambition is to become a major actor of the development of financial inclusion in Africa. Which is why the two entities are creating synergies that aim to relieve congestion at Societe Generale branches and optimise the standard banking system by expanding their network with alternative banking solutions.

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The “YUP prévoyance” team puts health at heart

"YUP prévoyance" is a simple solution, accessible and aiming at preserving family ties in the event of a major blow. The two members of the “YUP Prévoyance” (Yup welfare) team, Mohamed Bensoltana, a Société Générale Maroc member of staff, and Dognimin Koulibali, founder of the TecHouse startup, give a a joint interview. Meeting with the winners of Tam-Tam second Panafrican hackathon dedicated to the life course of the informal.

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YUP, a new form of mobile money

YUP offers a “mobile money” service developed in Africa. With no need for a bank account, the service gives access to a complete range of banking services through a network of partners. By 2020, YUP aims to have 8,000 contact points in place in five African countries.

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TagPay in Africa

The Societe Generale Group acquired a €1 million stake in the capital of French fintech company TagPay, a specialist in digital mobile banking. TagPay is currently being rolled out to several of the Group's subsidiaries in Africa: implementation of a mobile recovery solution for Manko in Senegal, testing of a merchant payment solution at Shell service stations in the Ivory Coast, a mobile banking project involving several Sub-Saharan African countries. It comprises a core banking system built around mobile solutions and adapted for both standard mobile handsets and smartphones. Tagpay offers numerous competitive advantages thanks to its rapid roll-out capacity and extensive catalogue of functions and financial services. It enables access to populations that are not yet availing of banking services and at the same time to the advantages of the growing digital banking market.