Let’s look with confidence at an inclusive Africa

In Marrakech, the Women In Africa World Summit is fast approaching!

How to help girls and women in Africa connect with market needs? How can they be transferred from the world of work to that of management? Should we focus on digitizing schools? Should we develop artificial intelligence? How can they be integrated into the ecosystem of excellence schools at the global level? These are questions that the participants of the second edition of the Women in Africa World Summit will try to answer at the end of September in Marrakech.

At a time when the informal sector occupies nearly 80% of the continent's workforce, the African continent's female talents act as major economic levers, whether they are officers in large groups, at the head of companies they have created or whether they come from the diaspora. During the Summit, these women will testify about the professional, cultural and even family circumstances that have enabled them to succeed in what they have decided to undertake. They will also explain why they have chosen to do so in Africa rather than elsewhere.

These exciting sessions, where African women of all generations will interact, will also give them the opportunity to meet country delegations to develop their relationships and investment opportunities in a sector at continental and international level.

As major sponsor of WIA Philanthropy, Societe Generale will co-host a breakfast around FinTechs. Collaborative reflection laboratories, the WIA LABS, will also take place to mobilize collective intelligence, with women and men, to recommend, advise and clarify the proposed orientations and make concrete progress. The other highlights of the programme will be master classes, to share and exchange know-how as well as concrete methods and skills to strengthen their potential, but also a cultural evening to highlight the diversity of talents.

Master classes will be another highlight of the programme, allowing these women to exchange and share know-how and concrete methods to strengthen their skills: business development, access to networks, business startups, etc. Société Générale Maroc, sponsor of the event, will lead one of them in partnership with Lenovo: "Women's networks: levers to strengthen their confidence".

The Annual Summit Opening Evening, WIA Revelations Night, will provide international exposure to the winning entrepreneurs identified and selected by the WIA Philanthropy Foundation. They will go on stage and receive an award.

The last day of the Summit will be the subject of reflection and debate around a question: Why is the search for solutions in favor of peace a trigger for the future of the continent?

This second edition of Women In Africa World Summit will again illustrate the exceptional impulse of women in the economic development of Africa.

Project 54

Supporting women who are disrupting the future of the continent through technological innovations has become a solid and sustainable investment for African and international economies. This is why the Women In Africa (WIA) Foundation launched an unprecedented project on 12 April 2018: to create its first class of female entrepreneurs, from the 54 countries of the African continent.

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