Terres en Mêlées: developing education through rugby

Terres en Mêlées (TEM) designs educational programmes through rugby and environmental education for children living in remote and marginalised areas. It trains and qualifies teachers and assists them in setting up sports and environmental education programmes for schools. It also organises sports and cultural events for children and trains and assists young teachers in developing educational activities in Madagascar. TEM is now present in Morocco, Togo, Burkina Faso and Madagascar and works closely with local and international players in designing and implementing educational projects tailored to local geographical and social conditions. Terres en Mêlées has been a partner of the Foundation since 2016.

Terres en Mêlées association

In six years, 51,150 children, of which more than 27,000 girls, have had access to Terres en Mêlées’ educational programmes around the world and more than 450 young adults have engaged in training and working activities.

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Rugby Solidaire

Set up in January 2017, Rugby Solidaire develops educational programmes around rugby, culture and the environment by establishing links between French-speaking African countries and French territories. It tailors these programmes around different social and geographical contexts, helping to provide solutions for issues affecting and concerning young people in France and Africa. Rugby Solidaire operates in four countries (Madagascar, Morocco, Togo and Burkina Faso) for which it has established links with four French departments (Côte d’Azur, Haute Garonne, Ariège and Hérault respectively). Each project is led by French and African project leaders who work closely together coordinating the educational activities and volunteers in their territory. To ensure its success and reach as many people as possible, it specialises in training educators and teachers.
Its impact in communities in Africa and France is significant, particularly in terms of integrating young people and fighting discrimination. Its successes include a nationwide school rugby championship in Madagascar, a national Rugby Solidaire festival in Togo, a camp in Burkina Faso and a leisure centre in Morocco.


Terres en Mêlées, promoting education in Africa through rugby

Recognised by World Rugby in 2017, Terres en Mêlées has developed an innovative socio-educational programme that has been rolled out in Burkina Faso, Morocco, Madagascar and Togo. The association is one of the Societe Generale Foundation’s three priority partners in Africa. On 12 September 2018, the association received the Sport for Equality Award from the Beyond Sport Foundation in New York.

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Second nationwide school rugby championship

After months of preparation with Malagasy Rugby and the National Education Minister, Terres en Mêlées has announced it will hold a second nationwide school rugby championship in Madagascar. The first stage took place in the presence of Alexandre Flanquart on 15, 16 and 17 June in Tuléar with secondary school teams from south-western regions of the island. Fianarantsoa, Tamatave, Ambanja and Tananarive will be the next stages before the final on 23 September at Malacam stadium in the capital.

1st Night of Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Madagascar

On 18 September, the Terres en Mêlées organisation, a partner of BFV-Société Générale since 2014, organised the 1st Night of Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Madagascar, an event that took place at the French Institute of Madagascar featuring six young committed women entrepreneurs. The film "La jeune fille au ballon ovale" (translated as "Marcelia and the ball"), a hymn to youth and sport in Madagascar, was also screened at the occasion.

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