Inauguration of the Fabrique Simplon in Dakar

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A project supported by the Societe Generale Foundation

The first class to attend the Fabrique Simplon in Dakar on the campus of Dakar University began on March 18th,2018, a project conducted in cooperation with the "Francophone University Association" (AUF).


Inauguration Simplon Dakar

This project, supported by the Societe Generale Foundation had welcome two classes of 26 students each for free-of-charge courses in web-based professions (developer, web integrator, digital expert), enabling them to find jobs and meet the need for professionals, who are sorely lacking in this field in Senegal.

Since its inception, the Societe Generale Foundation has supported projects on the African continent in the fields of professional integration, education and social integration through sport and cultural pursuits. As a sponsor of since 2014, the Foundation has renewed its support for this new and innovative project.

"The Societe Generale Foundation has been supporting Simplon for many years in its fight for the professional integration of young people. From the northern suburbs of Marseille to Seine Saint Denis, it is now in Africa, in Dakar, for the launch of the Fabrique Simplon.AUF that this trust has once again been expressed and it is a source of great pride for us and a wonderful opportunity for the 26 young university drop-outs, 50% of whom are women, who make up this first class." Frédéric Bardeau, Founder and Chairman of


Frédéric Bardeau, voted social entrepreneur of the year in 2017

In partnership with the Societe Generale Foundation since 2015, is a social factory for web developers, aiming to train isolated and underprivileged people in the digital careers of the future. Through this desire to make digital technology a driver for social and professional integration, is perfectly in line with Societe Generale’s values.

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