Insuring equal opportunities for young people

The Solidarity & Innovation by UIB Foundation, which aims to develop digital culture among a young population - early childhood, pre-adolescence and adolescence – launched on March 8th, in partnership with the ATVESOS Association, the "Digital Home by UIB" in the SOS Children's Village of Gammarth, north-east of Tunis.

Launch of the Digital Home by UIB

The Digital Home by UIB is an equipped facility and managed in such a way as to allow access to digital tools according to different age groups. It is equipped with an early childhood area dedicated to the youngest to allow them to explore the digital world in teams, a digital gaming room, projection and presentation of any digital support dedicated to pre-teens, a computer training room equipped with desktop computers, a printer, a scanner and headsets reserved for adolescents to encourage them to learn the fundamentals of computer science, programming languages and familiarize themselves with new technologies.

The Solidarity & Innovation by UIB Foundation aims to democratize digital culture and guarantee equal opportunities for children and young adolescents in the SOS Children's Village. In this context, it is launching its initiative to support the children and young people exposed today to the risks of social and digital dropout and unsuitability to the world of tomorrow.

This initiative has also been supported by the Feminin by UIB association and by female UIB engineers who have joined an initiative to sponsor the children and young people of the village to guarantee the conditions for their successful immersion in digital culture.

At the inauguration, Kamel Neji, President of the Solidarity & Innovation by UIB Foundation, acknowledged that "this initiative confirms the solidarity dimension of UIB and the commitment of its collaborators driven by the desire to maintain the potential and energy of children and young people at the height of the SOS Children's Village in Gammarth. The Solidarity & Innovation by UIB Foundation is dedicated to inspiring them to digital culture for them to meet tomorrow's societal challenges. Bringing a digital spark of sunshine to these children and young people is the ambition that drives us. “