Second edition of the Societe Generale Africa Business network by UIB

UIB continues to support Tunisian businesses in pursuing African markets

The International Union of Banks (UIB) – Group Societe Generale renewed in January its initiative to organize large scale B-to-B gatherings between Tunisian economic players and the CEOs of 17 other subsidiaries of the Group in Africa.

This second edition of "Societe Generale Africa Business Network by UIB", held in the presence of 60 director generals from African subsidiaries and more than 150 clients and Tunisians economic stakeholders, accounted as a special opportunity for communicating and exchanging. It enabled clients from UIB to create successful conditions from their respective projects in Africa. It was also the opportunity to establish UIB's position as a leader in supporting economic operators in their development strategy in Africa. 

As a key figure of the Tunisian economy, the bank implements, through its specialized structure in business support called "African Desk", an ambitious and strategic project in line with its goal of pursuing African markets. This individual and customized support ranges from commercial or industrial partnerships prospection to the implementation of development opportunities to the actual funding of their activities.

UIB's strategic choice of diversifying its presence among economic operators in Africa comes from its desire to take hold of the exceptional potential that the continent comprises for Tunisian economy. The South-South cooperation, meaning the resources, technology and knowledge exchanged between developing countries, is key to internationalizing the bank's current and future clientele by providing them with efficient tools for boosting their exportations and the accomplishments of their development projects on the continent.