Soon Soon Soon: the collaborative economy Made in France

The collaborative economy by Soon Soon Soon

Paris, a capital of innovation

Numerous Parisian start-ups seem intent on giving everyone the possibility of reinventing their career, releasing themselves from traditional job structures to multiply their activities in line with their fields of interest and improvising in a job in their chosen field. To provide fledgling entrepreneurs with fertile ground to achieve their aims, in recent years Paris has increased its number of incubators and accelerators. The Soon Soon Soon team immersed itself in this “Made in France” collaborative economy ecosystem. Welcome to a world of interaction and co-construction!

The business-creator marketplace

Founded in 2015, Wittycircle is the first marketplace dedicated to entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone else with a project in need of help with its development. The latter can share their ideas, find their future staff and ask for help in taking their project to the next level. They can find contacts and potential staff, listed by field of expertise, ready to provide them with support to develop their project. And this approach works both ways: Internet users can browse the various projects underway and offer their services to those which inspire them the most. After just a fortnight's activity, the platform already had 1,000 users from dozens of countries. The start-up is now targeting 50,000 users and 5,000 projects by the end of 2016, and is planning to expand into the United States.

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A community of people to lend a helping hand

Soomville is an application that allows people to offer the community their skills and expertise and so supplement their income. Individuals can post their ads for free and set their own tariffs. Existing services are listed in various sectors (private tutoring, DIY, delivery & transport, etc.) and the user can find professionals near to where they live thanks to the geolocation option. Soomville puts the emphasis on community and the local aspect with users able to recommend someone if they have been impressed with their services. Launched in June 2015, Soomville aims to become “the future Uber of the home-services sector”. This month, the team is launching the first issue of its magazine: 16 pages devoted to the latest trends and a number of portraits of professionals providing an original service: a tidying-up guru, a dog sitter, a temporary tattoo specialist, etc.

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Collaborative cooking

Comuneat is a collaborative cooking platform that lets users order meals cooked by others. Users can choose to have the meals delivered to them or pick up the takeaway meals direct from the cook. To become a chef, you don’t need a diploma; you just need to enjoy cooking and agree to comply with certain quality and hygiene standards. Once accepted, the cook can work at the price they choose and cook the number of meals they want. Comuneat provides the containers and bags to pack the meals.
Just a few months after its launch, the platform already has more than 17,000 users and 1,000 cooks in Paris. Last month, Comuneat carried out its first fundraising campaign, raising €1 million thanks to a pool of French business angels headed by Michaël Benabou, co-founder of the Vente-Privée e-commerce site. This first round of funding will allow the start-up to develop in the Paris region and enhance its delivery service.

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Collaborative recruitment

Participative recruitment specialist MyJobCompany lets employers benefit from 100,000 head-hunters (users registered on the site) and 300 experts to ensure more efficient recruitment. Thanks to its tools, the company promises its clients to find the ideal applicant in just 12 days, compared with an average of 32 days through traditional recruitment firms. Amongst its 600 clients, MyJobCompany has already attracted businesses such as Altran, Danone, Monoprix and Tesla. MyJobCompany lets everyone offer their headhunting services to businesses. Today, the company is seeking to develop in France and adjacent French-speaking countries, and is also planning to further professionalise its service by putting an online training programme in place to train head-hunters.

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Open-innovation : the age of the collaborative economy and of co-construction

Open-innovation: ecosystems with clients, start-ups, schools and staff

In the digital era, the biggest innovations in the services sector come from companies that have set up open platforms to leverage the power of the masses. To innovate, a company needs to open up and create ecosystems that involve its stakeholders such as customers, start-ups and universities, as well as staff. This is what is known as open innovation.

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