Group Management Committee

The daily commitment of the Group Management Committee 

The Group Management Committee is a forum for discussing Group strategy and other high-level matters of interest to the Group. It is composed of approximately 60 executives from the Bank's 16 Business Units and 9 Service Units. The Group Management Committee meets at least once every quarter.

As of 2018, the members of the Group Management Committee have adopted collective objectives in terms of CSR, staff commitment, customer satisfaction and financial performance, the meeting of which play a role in their compensation.

  • 58

    members of the Group Management Committee

  • 27%

    of the Group Management Committee are women

* Manager of a Business Unit or a Service Unit

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  • Frédéric Oudéa

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Diony Lebot

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer

  • Philippe Aymerich

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer

  • Séverin Cabannes

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer

  • William Kadouch-Chassaing

    Deputy General Manager, Head of Finance*

  • Sébastien Proto

    Deputy General Manager

  • David Abitbol

    Head of Societe Generale Securities Services*

  • Tim Albertsen

    Chief Executive Officer of ALD Automotive*

  • Philippe Amestoy

    Director of the French Network

  • Hervé Audren

    Deputy Group Head of Compliance

  • Pascal Augé

    Head of the Inspection and Audit division*

  • Cécile Bartenieff

    Chief Operating Officer of Global Banking & Investor Solutions*

  • François Bloch

    Chief Executive Officer of BRD

  • Giles Briatta
    Gilles Briatta

    Group General Secretary*

  • Claire Calmejane

    Group Chief Innovation Officer

  • Antoine Creux

    Chief Security Officer

  • Geoffroy Dallemagne

    Global Head of Permanent Control and Internal Control Coordination

  • Thierry d’Argent

    Deputy Head of Global Banking and Advisory

  • Odile de Saivre

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale Equipment Finance

  • Bruno Delas

    Chief Operating Officer of the French Networks*

  • Marie-Christine Ducholet

    Head of Societe Generale retail banking in France*

  • Claire Dumas

    Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the Group

  • Patrick Folléa

    Head of Societe Generale Private Banking, Supervisor of Lyxor*

  • Carlos Goncalvez
    Carlos Gonçalves

    Head of Global Technology Services

  • Donato Gonzalez-Sanchez

    Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Securities Services and Group Country Head for Spain and Portugal

  • Laurent Goutard

    Head of International Retail Banking for Africa, the Mediterranean Basin & Overseas*

  • Jean-François Grégoire

    Head of Global Markets*

  • Benoît Grisoni

    Chief Executive Officer of Boursorama*

  • Eric Groven

    Head of the Real Estate division of Retail Banking activities in France

  • Caroline Guillaumin
    Caroline Guillaumin

    Group Head of Human Resources and Group Head of Communication*

  • Edouard-Malo Henry

    Group Head of Compliance*

  • Alvaro Huete

    Deputy Head of Global Banking and Advisory

  • Arnaud Jacquemin

    Group Country Head for Luxembourg and CEO of Societe Generale Luxembourg

  • Jochen Jehmlich

    Head of the Equipment Finance businesses and CEO of GEFA Bank*

  • Jan Juchelka

    Chairman of the Board and CEO of Komerční banka and Group Country Head for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Jean-Louis Klein

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit du Nord

  • Slawomir Krupa

    Chief Executive Officer for Societe Generale Americas*

  • Christophe Leblanc

    Group Head of Corporate Resources and Digital Transformation*

  • Véronique Loctin

    Head of Corporate Accounts for Societe Generale Retail Banking in France

  • Xavier Lofficial

    Deputy Chief Financial Officer

  • Michala Marcussen

    Group Chief Economist and Head of Economic and Sector Research

  • Anne Marion-Bouchacourt

    Group Country Head for Switzerland and Chief Executive Officer of SG Zurich

  • Laetitia Maurel

    Group Deputy Head of Communication

  • Alexandre Maymat

    Head of Global Transaction and Payment Services*

  • Jean-François Mazaud

    Head of Group Transformation

  • Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles

    Chief Executive Officer of Crédit du Nord*

  • Gaëlle Olivier

    Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale Asia Pacific*

  • Pierre Palmieri

    Head of Global Banking and Advisory*

  • Philippe Perret

    Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale Assurances*

  • Ilya Polyakov

    CEO and Chairman of Rosbank ‘s management board

  • Sylvie Préa

    Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Sylvie Rémond

    Group Chief Risk Officer*

  • Sadia Ricke

    Deputy Chief Risk Officer for the Group

  • John Saffrett

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ALD Automotive

  • Grégoire Simon-Barboux

    Deputy Group Chief Risk Officer

  • Giovanni-Luca Soma

    Head of International Retail Banking for Europe & Group Country Head for Russia*

  • Mathieu Vedrenne

    Head of Societe Generale Private Banking France

  • Guido Zoeller

    Group Country Head for Germany and Head of Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking activities in Germany

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