Societe Generale awarded the 2017 Grand Prix for Financial Transparency

Each year, the teams at Labrador examine the financial transparency of all information documents published by the 107 French companies listed on the SBF 120.

The Grand Prix for Financial Transparency is awarded by an independent Scientific Committee which assesses the companies’ regulated information based on 120 public criteria and four key factors:
• Accessibility: how rapidly the complete set of information can be found,
• Accuracy: the comprehensive nature of the regulatory information provided and additional information to help understand it,
• Comparability: the ability to make rapid comparisons between different issuers through strict compliance with regulatory and market standards,
• Availability: equal availability in all formats (paper, online, etc.) of all information as early as possible, in French and English.
Having previously won the Grand Prix in 2014, Societe Generale has once again come out on top in the “financial companies” category this year
Philippe Heim, Group Chief Financial Officer, said: “This award is testament to Societe Generale's policy of providing transparent and quality information to its shareholders and investors, underpinning our relationship of trust. It is also a recognition of the commitment and dedication of our teams.”

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