Over the weekend in the UK


Two flagship events took place in the United Kingdom on 15 and 16 May illustrating the Group's involvement in rugby: the qualifications for the "Touch Rugby Tournament" of 6 June and the worldwide launch of the Rugby World Cup volunteer programme.

What is Touch Rugby Tournament?

Among the activities launched in the UK, on 6 June Societe Generale will hold a "corporate" Touch Rugby tournament in Twickenham Stadium that will see employees, client companies and partners compete to be crowned Corporate Touch Rugby Champions. Local schools in Tower Hamlets supported by the bank, through its educational CSR programmes, will also have the opportunity to live the Twickenham experience through a kids academy on the day. Around 100 children from these schools will also get to see a World Cup match thanks to this initiative.

The qualifications took place on Friday during an internal event in Regent's Park, following which two Societe Generale teams were chosen to take part in the tournament. This event will see some twenty teams (all announced on 25 May) play each other in families or in an inter-company tournament. Numerous activities for children will also be organised.

"The event truly showcased the team spirit and camaraderie that exists within Societe Generale. Watching all of the men and women participating you could clearly see everyone was giving 100 percent to support their team and colleagues. What a great evening." - Ian Fisher, Group Country Officer of Societe Generale in the United Kingdom

"It was a truly amazing cross-cultural, cross-business event promoting real teamwork - a great competition!"

"There were a great number of women playing so this was major event for diversity, and networking."

"Fun, muscle-aching, and team-building!"

"It brought everybody together. Can we do it every month?"

20 Societe Generale volunteers for the Rugby World Cup

In the UK, Societe Generale encouraged and helped employees to get involved as volunteers – during their working hours – helping to organise the competition. Twenty enthusiasts passed all of the selection stages to join the "pack" of 6,000 volunteers picked to help organise the event.

Ian Fisher, the Group's Representative in the United Kingdom, announced the 20 members of staff who will be volunteers during the Rugby World Cup. They took part in the programme's worldwide launch this weekend.