How well do you know the stars of the rugby world?

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"The team is the star", is what any rugby player will repeatedly tell you if asked after a solid victory. But among the fifteen team members on the field, some factors stand out from the scrum: a sense of duty, their kicking accuracy, their charisma or the fear they instil in opposing defenders. Considered the greatest player of all time, New Zealand winger Jonah Lomu stole the show in the semi-final of the 1995 World Cup with four tries against England. The powerful All-Black totalled 15 tries in two World Cups (1995 and 1999), a record that still stands. Frenchman Serge Blanco, Australian David Campese, Welshman Gareth Edwards and Irishman Brian O'Driscoll have also scored many tries, leaving their respective marks on the history of the tournament.

Who do you think of if I say "Jonny"? Jonny Wilkinson, of course! The recently retired English strategist scored more World Cup points than any other player (277 points). His drop goal at the end of extra time in the 2003 final secured victory for the side under Clive Woodward, the legendary coach of the Red and Whites, one of the first to make use of video to hone playing tactics. Much hair was pulled over his legendary kicking game, capable of turning around the result of a match. Jonny pleads "not guilty" for any hairs lost by Bernard Laporte, semi-finalist in the 2003 and 2007 World Cups and successful coach at RC Toulon—Wilkinson's club team.

In women's rugby, stardom is not part of the vocabulary, but Anna Richards—three World Cups won with New Zealand—and French player Estelle Santini—with 82 caps—have made considerable contributions to their sport. The Black Ferns (nickname of the New Zealand women's rugby team) have won four of the last five World Cups. In contrast with the vast majority of teams, they enjoy professional status.

The crowning of the English women's side in 2014 caught the attention of a new audience. During the men's World Cup, the women will be at the stadium with their faces painted the colours of the flag they hold dear. They know that support from the stands is required for the team to succeed, as well as technical staff, physical trainers, physiotherapists, and groundskeepers—all contribute to sporting success. Is everyone ready? Get playing—you're on camera!

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