Guiding employees through the changes in the Bank’s business lines

Societe Generale strives to recruit talented people and offers its employees different career paths that can be tailored to their individual plans through a dynamic, transparent internal mobility market.

The Group has developed a self-reporting tool for employee interests, skills and experience (the 'ACE' tool), which makes them the main agents in their development and employability. Based on machine learning and a dynamic skills benchmark, it combines data reported by employees with job vacancies in the Group's job exchange (Job@SG) in a relevant way.

Societe Generale provides employees with the most extensive possible apprenticeship options, helping them access appropriate training content for their career plans, in addition to the HR and managerial support they receive.


  • Agreement on changes to professions, skills and employment, which governs Societe Generale SA France’s Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)

Results at a glance:

  • Across the Group, 56% positions were filled by internal transfers (57% in 2017), i.e. 25,122 internal transfers, in 2018.
  • 22,000 employees took advantage of the ACE self-reporting tool in France and abroad in 2018. 35,000 employees actively use the skills management platform.
  • Special Award granted by the judges’ panel of the 2018 Start-Up/HR Division Innovation Awards for the collaboration between Societe Generale and start-up 356Talents on the ACE platform.
  • €104m allocated to training in 2018, for 4.2 million hours.
  • Entrepreneurship: 15,000 participants submitted more than 600 projects on 17 strategic areas for the Bank.
  • Societe Generale France was ranked No. 1 bank for its digital maturity at the 2019 eCAC40 Awards organised by Echos Executives, and 4th of the most advanced CAC 40 companies.