Diversity and inclusion

At Societe Generale group, diversity and inclusion are not just a result of legal obligations, they are now and will continue to be strategic factors that stand for what we are all about: “Building together, with our clients, a better and sustainable future through responsible and innovative solutions.”

We are determined to be a company where employees feel good as they are, reflecting the diversity of the customers we serve and the society in which we operate.

Creating a work environment conducive to inclusion

  • Diversity and inclusion at every level of the organisation
  • The Group is committed to and endorses several charters
  • A system to combat stereotyping and unintentional bias

Promoting employee diversity that reflects our customers and our societies

  • Employee careers based on skills
  • A balanced compensation policy
  • Promoting women and international employees to positions of responsibility
  • Objectives to appoint more women at the highest levels of the Group

Fighting against all forms of discrimination