Reezocar rewarded for its Climate action

Published on 22/12/2021

The platform acquired by the Group is strongly committed.

Reezocar has received the R Award 2021 for the best environmental initiative, from the French National Council of Automobile Professions ("Conseil National des Professions de l’Automobile", or CNPA) in partnership with the "Collectif Génération Responsable" (Responsible Generation Collective). This award highlights the climate action undertaken by Reezocar for both raising awareness amongst customers and promoting ecological vehicles, and offsetting carbon emissions when selling combustion engine vehicles.

Leading platform in the distribution of used vehicles online in France

Founded in 2014, Reezocar’s goal is to make it easier to search for cars, and secure their procurement and financing, in France and across Europe. By centralising millions of classified ads that it collects in some ten European countries, Reezocar streamlines and simplifies the search and purchase of a vehicle. It also offers new vehicles and leasing. 

2 million visitors a month

In a fast-changing market, Reezocar offers to support customers with the purchase, delivery, registration, certification and warranty of a vehicle. By combining human and technological expertise, Reezocar provides a strong value offer that makes the company one of the automotive sector’s most innovative startups. 

Societe Generale’s acquisition of Reezocar a year ago illustrates the Group’s open banking strategy and its ability to accompany in-depth changes in the consumption of vehicles and financial services, to offer its clients ever more innovative services and to provide its partners and their customers with value.  

The startup thus improves the customer experience by offering financing and insurance services that are in synergy with the Group’s business lines. Reezocar currently attracts over 2 million monthly visitors and has helped more than 10,000 customers to buy a vehicle with total confidence.

Ecological commitment initiated in 2018

Very sensitive to vehicles’ environmental impact, Reezocar has launched the Reezogreen initiative, which allows its customers to be directly involved in its ecological approach by enabling them to offset their CO2 emission for a year from the vehicle’s date of purchase.

Reezogreen is a part of the broader ecological approach initiated by Reezocar in 2018 and supplements other initiatives already implemented, such as fostering the circular economy with recent and less-polluting vehicles, providing recharging cards for vehicle batteries and reducing and offsetting its own carbon emissions. It is this major commitment that the French National Council of Automobile Professions wanted to reward.

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