20 years of innovation

Lionel Paquin portraitLyxor Asset Management turns 20 this year. This means we have spent two decades embracing innovation. At the heart of our identity, Lyxor’s innovation is driven by our talented staff– from our research teams to our engineers – for the benefit of our clients.

The capacity to innovate has marked every major stage of our history. Our pioneering spirit has seen us conquer new markets and push the boundaries of the investment world: a case in point being Lyxor’s creation of the first alternative managed accounts platform in 1998, which offered investors a chance to reap the benefits of alternative investment performance in a transparent, liquid and secure format. In the same spirit, Lyxor pioneered the European ETF market, with the first ETF on the CAC 40 index in 2001 – a market that has since grown exponentially.

When the financial crises struck, Lyxor kept innovating with customised solutions to help our clients navigate the increasingly complex and unpredictable landscape.

Today, the asset management industry faces a period of deep change, where appetite for services and advice will prevail over the demand for products. It is now that our capacity for innovation can help build the savings landscape of tomorrow: designed for institutional clients of course, but also for our private clients, distributors and savings professionals.

Happy birthday Lyxor!

Lionel Paquin, Chief Executive Officer of Lyxor Asset Management

Elyxir, tomorrow’s financial coach

Discover ELYXIR, Lyxor's financial supercoach and an innovative, one-of-a-kind solution that gives everyone access to quality, personalised wealth management advice. Easy to use, ELYXIR needs only a few basic details to help users make the right choices for savings and investment: real estate, educational financing, personal assets, healthcare spending, retirement and more.


Lyxor, pioneering European ETFs for nearly 20 years

Ever true to the spirit of innovation, Lyxor paved the way for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Europe in 2001 with the CAC40 ETF. Lyxor has continued to evolve with the market ever since, being a trailblazer in each market, providing access to a vast spectrum of investments including ESG ETFs, designed for both individuals and professionally managed accounts. Looking forward, we will continue to innovate and grow the ETF landscape for all our clients.

Lionel Paquin, Chief Executive Officer of Lyxor Asset Management

Pension funding: and so, what about us innovating?

"Although it has garnered less media attention than the likes of the labour, tax or rail reforms, it promises to be one of the biggest challenges for France in 2019. I am speaking, of course, of the reform of the country’s pension system..."
Lionel Paquin, Chief Executive Officer of Lyxor Asset Management

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Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale

Lyxor: 20 years of innovation

"Over the last 20 years, Lyxor has constantly reinvented itself to meet the changing needs of its clients. This capacity for innovation perfectly embodies the values of Societe Generale. The Group is proud to have a player such as Lyxor in its midst, and hopes it will hold fast to its visionary spirit for many years to come." Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale

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20 years of innovation: LEAP for investment effectiveness

Drawing on its strong culture of innovation and on its strengths as an architect manager, Lyxor has created a modular fiduciary platform, Lyxor’s Enhanced Architecture Program. It enables investors such as pension funds and insurance companies to take a global approach to their investments, thus helping them address the challenges of today’s demanding environment.

Lyxor Asset Managment

Lyxor Asset Management joins Climate Bonds Partners programme

Thanks to its strong culture of innovation, Lyxor Asset Management is helping clients to address the challenge of climate transition with a range of solutions aimed at meeting the growing demand for responsible investments. In joining the Climate Bond Initiative’s Partners Programme, Lyxor is demonstrating its determination to contribute to low carbon investment.

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