University Chairs: Partnering with excellence to add value to our expertise and enable research

Through the Academic and Research Chairs that it supports, Societe Generale group develops long-term partnerships with higher education institutions and is committed to supporting research and teaching programmes for 12 Academic and Research Chairs.

What are the objectives for Societe Generale ?

The subjects treated by the Academic and Research Chairs are varied but always in line with issues concerning the Bank, such as business, Human Resources or Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Academic and Research Chairs are a way for the Group to support research while also enhancing its own expertise and preparing for the future by training and recruiting the people who will make up the Bank of tomorrow.

In 2016, the Societe Generale group supported 14 higher education institutions with 12 Academic and Research Chairs :

  • Chaire Amélioration continue 4.0, Ecole des Mines ParisTech 
    (Chair of Continued Improvement 4.0, Ecole des Mines ParisTech)
  • Chaire Biomecam, Innovation et Handicap, groupe ParisTech 
    (Chair of Biomechanics, Innovation and Disability, ParisTech Group)
  • Chaire Conduite du changement, ESSEC
    (Chair of Change Management, ESSEC)
  • Chaire Cybersécurité des infrastructures critiques, Institut Mines Télécom
    (Chair of Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, Institut Mines Télécom)
  • Chaire des Bernardins, Collège des Bernardins 
    (Chair of the Bernardins, Collège des Bernardins)
  • Chaire Energie et Finance, HEC 
    (Chair of Energy and Finance, HEC)
  • Chaire Gouvernance et Performances durables des entreprises familiales, ESDES 
    (Chair of Governance and Sustainable Performance for Family-owned companies, ESDES)
  • Chaire Media & Digital, ESSEC 
    (Media & Digital Chair, ESSEC)
  • Chaire numérique (avec Jean Tirole), Toulouse School of Economics 
    (Digital Chair (with Jean Tirole), Toulouse School of Economics)
  • Chaire Organisations, Leadership et Société, ESCP Europe 
    (Chair of Organizations, Leadership and Enterprises, ESCP Europe)
  • Chaire Risques financiers, avec la Fondation du Risque associant l’Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, l’Ecole polytechnique et l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6
    (Chair of Financial Risk, with the Fondation du Risque (Risk Foundation) encompassing the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Ecole Polytechnique and the University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6)
  • Chaire Solutions d’allocation du risque, EDHEC Risk Institute 
    (Chair of Risk Allocation Solutions, EDHEC Risk Institute)