Societe Generale signs the French National Cancer Institute’s Cancer and Employment Charter

Societe Generale has signed the Cancer and Employment Charter, which allows the Group to reaffirm its commitment to improving support for employees affected by cancer.

The French National Cancer Institute’s Cancer and Employment Charter defines 11 commitments, notably including the retention and return to work of persons affected by cancer, training and informing stakeholders and the promotion of health within the company. It was developed as part of the “Cancer and Employment” corporate club led jointly by the National Cancer Institute, the National Association of HRDs (ANDRH) and the National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions (Anact) along with its network of regional associations for the improvement of working conditions (Aract).
For Societe Generale, supporting employees who are facing a chronic illness is part of the Group’s inclusion and diversity policy as well as a factor in sustainable performance.

By signing this Charter, Societe Generale is committing to improving support for Group employees affected by cancer and, more broadly, by chronic illness, both of which have difficult repercussions on social and professional life. Raising awareness about the existing initiatives within the Group and raising awareness among the different actors helps to facilitate their continued employment and their return to work. This approach is in line with our values of individual and collective responsibility and commitment.

Caroline Guillaumin,Head of Human Resources and Head of Communications

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