Security Pass, a simple yet powerful authentication tool

When clients carry out sensitive transactions using their smartphone via the Societe Generale app, the Security Pass feature will appear and verify the integrity of their phone.

With the shift to digital technologies, clients are increasingly carrying out transactions online and via their mobile phones. This trend is only getting stronger. Information security for online transactions has become a critical issue for clients and for Societe Generale, who is now offering its clients a powerful authentication solution for its mobile phone app.

When a sensitive transaction is carried out, Security Pass performs an extra check to ensure that the telephone being used is the client’s telephone. The client then validates the transaction by entering his or her remote banking PIN into the Societe Generale app, which has been previously set. The transaction is therefore confirmed twice.

Security Pass is a simple, effective way to ensure greater security when validating our clients’ sensitive transactions. Societe Generale is the first bank in France to offer such a solution not only for validating payments, but for other banking services (e.g. adding third-party accounts to make a transfer) as well.