We prefer positive incentives - Interview of Frédéric Oudéa with Börsen-Zeitung

We prefer positive incentives - interview of Frédéric Oudéa with Börsen-Zeitung

In an interview with Börsen-Zeitung, Société Générale CEO Frédéric Oudéa explains why and how the French big bank is committed to the energy transition. He also argues in favour of introducing a capital discount for green investments, which is frowned upon in Germany.

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Prosperity to continue - interview of Frédéric Oudéa in Hospodářské noviny

Societe Generale wants to leverage the current prosperity in the Czech Republic for transforming Komerční Banka, its largest retail business outside France. If the bank is quick enough in deploying technologies it can gain a lead over its competitors.

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Innovation through the best of both worlds

At the latest Paris Fintech Forum, I had the chance to meet many innovative Fintechs from around the world and discuss the digitalisation of banks on stage with Jay Sidhu, CEO of BankMobile.

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Digital maturity: a cultural challenge

We are delighted with our podium finishes in consecutive years (4th in 2014 and 2015, 3rd in 2016, 2nd in 2017), which reflect our consistent efforts and the progress made each year. However, we need to retain our humility, as there is still a long road ahead.

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Laurent Goutard, Head of Societe Generale Retail Banking in France at Societe Generale

Let’s help grow our SMEs!

"On Saturday 10 February I had the pleasure of taking part in the #LeTop2018 event organised by Afep (the French association of large companies), of which Societe Generale was a partner. The goal of this all-day event was to give SME directors an opportunity to get together with the CEOs of major businesses to discuss some of their concerns."

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8 recommendations to improve gender equality in the financial sector

When I arrived in the Bank thirty years ago, half of the young graduates we recruited were women. I thought that it would only be a matter of time before they reached senior positions. Today however it is obvious that progress in terms of gender equality is slow.

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Teaming up with local businesses

Supporting businesses has always been the core purpose of Societe Generale, founded more than 150 years ago with the aim of "supporting the development of trade and industry in France." Today, more than ever, we are continuing on this path to help support the return to growth in France, in step with business leaders and their needs. This means being ever more receptive, responsive and professional, offering more flexible solutions and rapid decision-making. Staying close and providing quick and agile expertise!

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Energy Transition: succeeding together

Societe Generale is one of the 39 French companies that recently signed a "climate manifesto", and so far, 90 international Chairmen/CEOs have signed the Business Proposals for COP21. Furthermore, according to Novethic, 960 investors representing almost €30 trillion have made climate commitments in 2015, with some announcing plans to "decarbonise" their portfolios, i.e. divest from fossil fuel sectors.

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The Capital Markets Union will boost economic growth

Séverin Cabannes, Group Deputy CEO, on the obstacles to be resolved if the Capital Markets Union is to truly support jobs and growth in Europe. This text forms the basis of an article that ran in The Wall Street Journal on April 29th 2015.

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