Working on the sustainable cities of tomorrow

Anticipating and building the cities of tomorrow is at the heart of Societe Generale's CSR ambition. The Group, through its various businesses and experts, is in dialogue with its stakeholders to build smart, sustainable and inclusive cities.

Tomorrow's cities will have to face several challenges: support urbanisation and infrastructure projects in emerging countries, contribute to reinventing the city for more ageing countries, while optimising the digital innovation of the smart city or the inclusive and articulated approach to environmental and social challenges.


The Group's various activities contribute to this challenge. The French retail banking network is already heavily involved in the Greater Paris programme, and Sogeprom is actively working on innovative approaches to urban renewal.

Corporate Banking or Coverage & Investment Banking activities involve multiple urban infrastructure projects in developed and emerging countries. ALD Automotive has launched several initiatives to meet the requirements required in European cities to limit GHG or fine particle emissions, and is adapting its service offer to a move towards "Mobility of Use". Societe Generale Equipment Finance is also involved in programmes to equip new forms of urban lighting and transport.

Through its various locations in Africa, the Group also has infrastructure financing at the heart of its "Grow with Africa" initiative, including energy projects, water purification, waste management, public transport, etc.

All these experiences call for work on new models, open to technological, societal or cultural innovation and imbued with the environmental and social impact analyses that the Group is developing. It is in this context that the Bank has joined forces, also through its businesses and experts, as a founding co-partner of the "Netexplo Smart Cities Accelerator" programme launched by Netexplo under the auspices of UNESCO and the Ministry of Transport.

This programme, intended for all the major players and stakeholders in the world's metropolitan areas, is being developed by Netexplo with 4 partner universities. It will bring together a wide range of stakeholders from the Metropolis of the Future on 18 and 19 April next in Paris, at UNESCO Headquarters, around the themes of Housing, Mobility, Connectivity, Finance or Attractiveness and Co-Modernisation.