ALD Automotive Sweden committed to sustainable mobility

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Fleet, fuel and the future

ALD Automotive Sweden co organised on Friday 5 April with NF Fleet a customer event dedicated to sustainable mobility.

Around 200 fleet managers, customers or prospects, were gathered in Stockholm to assist to a full day seminar held by prominent speakers, from the mobility sector and ALD Automotive Sweden.

For Stéphane Renie, Head of CSR at ALD Holding, ALD Automotive is determined to make electrification of fleets happen and Sweden can play a significant part in this process, thanks to a very green power grid in particular.

Stephane Renie

As for the external speakers, they all came from the Swedish Petroleum Institute, The Swedish Gas Association, from OEMs, E.on, the City of Stockholm…

In the trend of putting in place a greener car policy, all leasing companies are talking to their clients about sustainable mobility, but the Swedish entity is the first one to arrange an event where leading experts bring some light to fleet managers on the following topics: local new tax regulations, WLTP, charging technology and the new fuels.

The aim of this event is to give to the audience enough clues and answers to its questions so that they will be able to start the shift to greener transportation modes in their company.

It's a fact that many customers are expressing how hard it is to choose a car and to interpret the new rules. In that way, ALD Automotive Sweden intends to fill that gap and shows itself as a knowledgeable partner they can count on.

The market is curious, and the companies are interested in becoming more sustainable – as long as it does not cost them more than traditional cars.

Since July 2018, the Swedish government has put in place an incentive policy: a bonus-malus system that enables sustainable vehicles with low co2 emissions up to 60g/km to have a bonus of up to SEK 60 000 (about 5750€), while petrol and diesel cars gets a higher vehicle tax during the first three years.