Africa for youth and youth for Africa

Societe Generale opens its doors to young people in Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Germany, Russia, Roumania, Madagascar and Ghana.

For the French National Day for Children and Youth, Societe Generale’s African subsidiaries SGBS (Société Générale de banques au Sénégal), SGMA (Société Générale de banques au Maroc), UIB (Tunisia), Société Générale Madagasikara (Société Générale Madagascar), SG Ghana, Hanseatic Bank (Germany), Rosbank (Russia), BRD (Roumania), and SGGH (Société Générale Ghana) responded with local Open SG initiatives.

At the forefront of this pan-African initiative, the Senegalese subsidiary became leader among its African partners by inviting young application developers to visit the Jokkolabs and the SG Innovation Lab at the end of 2018. Students from 4 cities around the country could talk about social innovation and digital revolution with professionals. In March, SGMA employees mobilized to meet young people in public schools and colleges to give them a taste of the banking world and to hold financial services sessions. UIB in Tunisia and SGGH also opened their doors to young polytechnicians from Tunis and students from the University of Ghana UPSA for the second, to show them their jobs.

SGBS, nevertheless, distinguished itself by its responsible approach, by inviting young people from all backgrounds, including a mentally disabled group, to meet and exchange with members of the management teams and make visits based on the customer's itinerary. This mobilization strengthens its position as a responsible employer.

A flagship event in the field of education, the event aimed at facilitating the link between education and business to inform young people about the financial career opportunities available to them and give them confidence in their professional life choices.

Committed to their ambition of proximity and exchange with the younger generations, these five African subsidiaries, while restoring young people's confidence, have benefited from an undeniable wind of freshness and youth.

Commitments in Africa

For over 100 years, Societe Generale has been present in Africa and today counts activities in 18 countries. Beyond our commitment to local economies, the Group also supports and partners numerous charitable associations and projects through its Foundation and other local initiatives encouraging, for example, professional integration, the fight against social insecurity and skills development.

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