SG Open its doors 2018

Historical partner since 3 years, Societe Generale has supported the National Youth Day held on 29 March 2018 in France. Societe Generale has opened its doors to young people and students in order to better understand the bank sector and build together the future. The aim of this 7th edition was the promotion of the professional integration of youth. The thema was “trust in yourself” Differents initiatives in many countries will host students in Africa, East Europe... Follow these operations with #OpenSG

Africa for youth and youth for Africa

For the French National Day for Children and Youth, Societe Generale’s African subsidiaries SGBS (Société Générale de banques au Sénégal), SGMA (Société Générale de banques au Sénégal), SGBCI (Société Générale de banques en Côte d'ivoire), UIB (Tunisia) and SGGH (Societe Generale Ghana) responded with local Open SG initiatives.

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Societe Generale opens its doors

Frédéric Oudéa Chief Executive Officer

One more time partner of this day, Societe Generale opens the firm to young students to help them discover our professions. It is a great pride for me to share our banking profession and to help to bring young people closer to the company!

Back on the 2017 edition

Back, on video, on the highlights of National Youth Day 2017. Its major challenge: to allow young people to demystify the world of work and make them want to project themselves into the world of assets. In the programme of the day proposed by Société Générale, concrete discoveries and direct exchanges with collaborators of different professions.