A shared culture focused on client relations in a digital age

Committed, responsible, at the forefront with the latest digital technology and always ready to serve their clients, Societe Generale’s employees are the best ambassadors of the bank’s transformation, which they help to make a reality each day.

Mojmír, Manager of Channels Development, Digital Marketing and Customer Experience


At Komerční banka, we launched our mobile application in 2011 and ever since we’ve been continually improving it. Digital innovation helps us to improve our relationships with our clients. A few years ago Komerční banka piloted the “video banking” concept and now we are going to implement the “remote advisory” concept. I support my team in these digital innovations and the latest ones were in travel insurance and consumer loans. I personally support activities which help Komerční banka to meet expectations in the future.

Nafissatou, Head of Individual and Professional Customers


The relationship with the client is of major importance for Societe Generale. It allows us to stand out from our competitors and offer a range of innovative products and services that are tailored to the needs of our clients. For me, the relationship-focused bank of reference puts people at the centre of its priorities. Together, we can develop this relationship-based bank.

Carl, Senior Banker


As bankers we need to understand completely the needs of our clients and even anticipate these needs. What we’re trying to do is be able to have a quick discussion on very important points. To be successful, we create trust and confidence with our clients. The digital revolution is currently transforming the business of our clients. A first example is “Smart Metering” which will improve the way utilities know their customers and how they behave. In a changing world, I, as a banker, need to adapt my mindset in order to meet the requirements of my clients with a long-term view.

Guillaume, Community Manager


Societe Generale retail banking in France is present on Twitter with the @SG_etvous account, where we reply within 30 minutes, on Facebook with the Société Générale et Vous page, on Google+ and on Instagram. Lastly, we have our platform for exchange and co-creation SGetVous.fr. On a daily basis, I’m active on social media, sharing news, advice and good ideas concerning our banking offers and products. It's a special kind of relationship because it's a digital relationship, which encourages us to mix serious issues with humour, the codes of normal Internet and social media practices. And that’s something I like.