A shared spirit of responsibility and commitment

Committed, responsible and always ready to serve their clients, Societe Generale’s employees are the best ambassadors of the bank’s transformation, which they help to make a reality each day.

Palani, Head of Architecture & Strategy


As a part of “India Talent Position Programme”, we nourish talent from the under privileged groups. We provide them with the required financial and mentoring support which will really help them to succeed in their ambitions. I support a friend who has a lot of talent. He needed some help on interpersonal skills and corporate skills. And this is where I’m helping him to really be prepared for the future. This was a great opportunity for me as well because mentoring is not just about supporting somebody, it’s also a lot of learning for me as well.

Hanae, Digital Communication Manager


As bankers, taking risks is part of our daily business. In today's economic environment, effective risk management is more important than ever. So, the challenge of raising people's awareness of this need to control risks begins with building the right corporate culture as the basis for establishing Societe Generale as the benchmark for risk management. The substance and stability of our approach consists of, and relies on, real teamwork, co-creation and the sharing of experience. Having the 'risk attitude' means being individually responsible as contributors to the smooth-running of the bank and being aware of the many consequences of our actions.

Blanche, Continuous Improvement Expert


The financial education project is an awareness programme for young professionals, so I go out into secondary schools to explain the role of financial tools in their daily lives. Together, we develop a sense of team spirit so that the company aids these young people, by making them aware of the importance of knowing how to manage their budgets effectively. My commitment to working with young people gives me the feeling of going beyond team spirit within the company by providing guidance for our young people.

Félix, Global Co-Head DCM Corporate Origination


I co-manage a worldwide team of around 40 people whose job is to advise major corporations on all aspects of raising finance in the bond markets. ‘Green bonds’ are standard bonds but the funds raised must be used exclusively for socially responsible investments. For the companies concerned, it's a way of demonstrating their long-term commitment to important issues and reaching a population of investors who are particularly sensitive to these issues. For Societe Generale, this idea of long-term commitment is absolutely essential. And that's why we have become so quickly and strongly engaged in the responsible bonds market.