The Group's total purchases amounted to over EUR 6.5 billion in 2015, which makes the Sourcing function a key actor in the Group's CSR strategy. Pursuing a responsible sourcing policy works towards the fulfilment of Societe Generale's commitments in relation to contributing to economic and social development and in relation to limiting its environmental impact.

A new responsible sourcing action plan: the 2018 Positive Sourcing Program

Societe Generale launched a fourth action plan (2016-2018) to lead by example in terms of responsible sourcing. Developed on the basis of feedback from over 700 partners and suppliers, this fourth action plan draws on the Group’s ten year track record.

Positive sourcing program 2018

Supporting the Group’s values and reflecting its Environmental and Social commitments, the 2018 Positive Sourcing Program is based on ethical sourcing practices, compliance with which is an essential prerequisite to achieving the targets set for 2018. It is based on two components:

  • Improving CSR risk management during the sourcing process;
  • Diversifying our sourcing practices by helping to improve the Group’s regional and environmental footprint

The Positive Sourcing Program will be rolled out first across France, then internationally. The plan is a continuation of the work to implement the internal instructions on “Responsible Sourcing Practices”, which was appended to the Global Agreement on Fundamental Rights signed in June 2015 with the UNI Global Union, demonstrating the Group’s intention to apply it across all its entities.

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