Digital transformation of the Group

Live Digital - 3 JUNE 2016

The digital dynamics of our businesses in the spotlight

Societe Generale’s digital transformation is in the spotlight this 3rd of June. Societe Generale collaborators are meeting at the Group’s head office in La Défense-Paris to discuss the next phase of the recent transformation project: “Digital for All”, launched at the end of 2014. This is a chance to share information regarding new digital services and tools developed for clients, shareholders, investors and collaborators.

This rich and inspiring morning included a roundtable on the Group's transformation, pitches on the next stages of our digitisation and an external speaker, Alexis Botaya, an innovation spotter and co-founder of the Soon Soon Soon agency, who took participants on a journey through the innovations that will change our daily lives.

No.1 company for digital transformation in the French eCAC40 Awards

After ranking 4th in 2014 and 2015, 3rd in 2016 and 2nd in 2017, Societe Generale group has been recognised as the most advanced company in terms of digital transformation, across all the award's evaluation criteria: digital culture, technological expertise, relationships with the innovation ecosystem, security and external communication.

Digital for All: new ambitions

Digital for All: new ambitions

At the end of 2014, we launched the Digital for All programme to accelerate our transition to digital. The results to date are impressive: almost 60,000 tablets have been distributed in just six months across 32 countries, more than 8,000 Wi-Fi hotspots have been installed worldwide, over 45,000 employees now have access to the Lync collaborative tool, an “SG” store with 45 apps already published and another 20 or so in the pipeline.

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A digital branch in Serbia

Societe Generale Srbija (SGS) recently launched a digital branch combining a call centre and online distribution channels. In addition to many other products, this all-online branch offers the first fully digital consumer loan. SGS wants to give its customers the best multi-channel experience: a global approach combining physical branches, call centres, online banking, mobile banking and automatic counter service.

SGS has established an improved e-banking platform packed with innovative services for its individual customers: an online purchasing process for traditional products such as payments, automatic direct debits and deposits, plus more sophisticated products such as consumer loans; calls or video chats with five digital banking specialists on hand to give commercial advice and technical support on business days and week-ends; use of a qualified certificate, the most secure method for using online services (to log in, carry out transactions and sign electronic documents). This is a bold and major step for the bank - one that is unprecedented on the Serbian banking market - in sync with the Group's culture of innovation.

Société Générale Srbija

Biometric signatures for our Czech clients

Biometric Signatures for our Czech Clients

The new tool detects and records various parameters of the signature, such as the pressure applied to the stylus when individual letters are written, or the speed with which different segments are created. While still offering customers the same level of convenience and maintaining the traditional hand signature, clients also benefit from faster document processing and increased security.

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Training is going digital

Training is going digital

In the same way ‘digital’ is transforming client services, it is also considerably increasing training possibilities. Online sessions, virtual learning, self-training videos and Rapid Learning modules are all enabling employees to develop the skills and competences they choose to develop, at their own pace and from wherever they choose to be; while nevertheless remaining interactive and connected to a number of learning communities.

For further information please view our Activity Report (page 21)