Pack'n Drive turns your car into a service platform

In tomorrow's world, smart car parks will guide your car toward open parking places, and retailers will deliver your purchases right into the boot of your car. Badri Ahmed and Clément Beaujoin are believers: the connected car is on its way to becoming an innovative service platform (Car-as-a-Service). And the founders of the Pack'n Drive startup are two of the people helping invent those services.

Pack'n Drive

Have a package delivered to the boot of your car

"Today, the car is a mode of transport that lets you go from point A to point B," Badri explains. "Tomorrow, it will be much more. Cars will interact with their environment, exchange information with other vehicles and become a point of access for local businesses."

Two years ago, Badri and Clément met at Mobile Banking Factory 2, a hackathon dedicated to innovative applications in smart mobility. They came up with MyCoffreo, a car boot smart delivery solution, which won first prize. "It gave us wings," says Badri. "We created our startup in September 2015 with the idea of creating a portfolio of onboard services in connected cars." For many months, they developed the service, which benefited from the French postal service La Poste’s incubator programme. Since January 2017, MyCoffreo has been on standby for certification reasons. Meanwhile, the startup has shifted its focus to Chainly, an car insurance claims report chatbot project launched in early 2017.

A chatbot dedicated to car insurance

The idea behind Chainly? Complete all the steps for filing a claim online, via an app that features a chatbot bringing together all the involved parties: policyholders, insurers, mechanics and adjusters. With Chainly, users can report and detail the incident, contact a tow truck, make an appointment with the mechanic, request an insurance adjuster and ask their insurer about their policy. Eventually, Pack'n Drive's goal is to automate the entire process using smart contracts and the Blockchain, speeding up the compensation process considerably. "It would take five days from reporting the claim to receiving compensation, compared to three months right now," asserts Badri, who hopes to cover 10% of non-complex claims in 2018.

To make this ambitious project home a reality, Pack'n Drive joined Societe Generale’s Le Plateau in July 2017. Among the requirement expressed by the team was mentoring in different areas, such as pitching, fundraising (after two rounds of fundraising in Love Money in 2017, Pack'n Drive will seek seed fundraising, their first outside investment, for €2 million), and reaching out to entities within the Societe Generale group. "We really appreciate everything that's being made available to startups, whether it's the premises, coaching, or leadership," stresses Romain Gamundi, Business Developer with Pack'n Drive.

"Mobility, ease of use and proximity are major focal points for Societe Generale, especially as they relate to our auto insurance and company car fleet management," says Flore Jachimowicz, Head of Le Plateau and Partnerships. “In addition, using the Blockchain and a chatbot in a personal app is an interesting technological choice and we are eager to see concrete results. Pack'n Drive has provided real Blockchain expertise for the other residents of Le Plateau, and in turn, we’ve given them the opportunity to enhance their product through dialogue with our experts."

Chainly in brief

Chainly is built on three components:
The chatbot, which supports policyholders throughout the compensation process and gives them a better user experience.
The connected car, which generates a lot of data, like the time and place of the claim, or the speed at which the driver was going.
The Blockchain, which stores these data in a tamper-proof registry, giving them legal value and reducing fraud.

Along with being hosted at Le Plateau, Pack'n Drive has been selected to join the Blockchain for Smart Transactions Programme at the SystemX Technology Research Institute in the Paris region. Through this strategic partnership, the startup benefits from an ecosystem that includes Blockchain engineers, researchers and industrial partners. The 28 of September, Pack'n Drive created a Proof of Concept with PSA and Covéa, to get the chatbot on the market before the end of 2017 and integrate the first Blockchain technological building block into Chainly in 2018.

Smart contracts and Blockchain revolutionise insurance

Pack'n Drive's goal is to automate the compensation process using smart contracts and the Blockchain. Smart contracts are autonomous programmes that automatically execute a contract when predefined conditions are met. Acting as a trusted third party, the Blockchain secures the process by guaranteeing that the terms of the contract cannot be amended. This provides greater transparency and reliability, time savings, and reduced administrative costs.