1,000 m2 dedicated to open innovation in startup mode

To foster cooperation between internal and external project teams and FrenchTech ecosystems, Le Plateau hosts external and internal startups in an innovative environment, providing support and making its resources available to them. By creating a community for sharing resources, experience and knowledge, Le Plateau offers ideal conditions that foster innovation and value creation for startups.

Located in the Dunes complex, Le Plateau hosts external startups full-time for 6 months. The startups can be recommended by the Group’s core businesses, by the pilot team in a POC or by a partner or they may have been founded by an employee. The selection criteria for these entities of fewer than 6 people are based on relational aspects and their willingness to share with Societe Generale.

Hello Charly, a modern way to guiding young people

Hello Charly is a fully automated chatbot designed to support young people aged 14 to 24 with guidance and help them build career objectives that suit them. Since its creation in March 2016, Hello Charly has provided guidance to more than 5,000 students!

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Otherwise reinvents insurance with a collaborative approach

The name of this startup says a lot about the ambitions of the founders: structuring insurance differently and drawing on collective knowledge. At Otherwise, the site user selects an insurance product and joins a small community. Users can manage their policy online, share views with others, find out how their money is used and recover a portion of their premium at the end of the year. This is collaborative insurance.

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Pack'n Drive turns your car into a service platform

In tomorrow's world, smart car parks will guide your car toward open parking places, and retailers will deliver your purchases right into the boot of your car. Badri Ahmed and Clément Beaujoin are believers: the connected car is on its way to becoming an innovative service platform (Car-as-a-Service). And the founders of the Pack'n Drive startup are two of the people helping invent those services.

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Wecandoo invites you into the studios of craftspeople

Wecandoo introduces you to talented, passionate craftspeople seeking to share their story and their work. Founded by Edouard Eyglunent, Grégoire Hugon and Arnaud Tiret, the startup's aim is to highlight French crafts expertise and awaken our creativity.

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AURA brings nature into offices

AURA brings nature into offices

Aquaponics comes to the workplace! Founded by Vincent Boissard and Thomas Demerens, two engineers who met in secondary school, AURA aims to contribute to the well being of corporate employees and to dietary self-sufficiency in the heart of cities.

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Kushim, a portfolio management solution for VCs

What is Kushim’s mission? To provide venture capital funds (VCs) with greater visibility over their investments in order to enable them to do what they do best: meet with start-ups and identify future unicorns.

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Love your waste transforms bio-waste into energy

Love your waste transforms bio-waste into energy

Love Your Waste is changing our vision of waste, allowing us to see it not as a problem but a resource, and a terrific economic and social opportunity. Read on to learn more about a startup that is living up to its name.

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BirdyCent, the app that helps you save without thinking

BirdyCent helps you save money effortlessly by rounding up on purchases. Behind this great idea are Fabien Keller and Julien Mortuaire, the co-founders of BirdyLabs, joined by Clément Flinois in 2016. Profile of a FinTech that aims to make saving fun and accessible.

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Internal startups are also welcome at Le Plateau. Employees from all of the Group’s divisions and businesses can be seconded from their team to work on a project in startup mode. The projects are preferably disruptive, innovative, relating to new businesses, multi-disciplinary or international in nature, or even intrapreneurial. They are intended to be tested rapidly and, if necessary, abandoned quickly. 

This is the case for STEP 31, the Group’s first internal startup, which was set up in July 2016 to enhance the digital workplace user experience for Societe Generale employees.

Key figures:

  • Number of external startups hosted since the Plateau opened: 16 (6 social and environmental startups, 2 Insurance techs, 3 Fintechs)

  • Number of external startups currently in residence: 10

  • Number of internal Societe Generale teams hosted since the Plateau opened: 25

  • Number of internal teams currently in residence: 9


STEP 31 is an in-house startup made up of six staff members from completely different departments. They are a team 100% dedicated to coming up with solutions to a specific issue: responding to staff members’ questions when changing their computer. “The advantage of being a startup is that we can question what currently exists: past conventions, operational or bureaucratic requirements, infrastructure, technical constraints, etc. Our single goal is to offer the user a simple and efficient solution,” explains Edouard Marteau d’Autry, Head of STEP 31.

Open-innovation : the age of the collaborative economy and of co-construction

Open-innovation: ecosystems with clients, start-ups, schools and staff

In the digital era, the biggest innovations in the services sector come from companies that have set up open platforms to leverage the power of the masses. To innovate, a company needs to open up and create ecosystems that involve its stakeholders such as customers, start-ups and universities, as well as staff. This is what is known as open innovation.

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