"Tam-Tam", an African virtual hackathon

Finding solutions for people with no or limited access to banking services.


In December 2017, Societe Generale launched a large hackathon dedicated to the informal life course called "L'Arbre à Palabres" which took place in Abidjan. During this event, the team of the Dakar Innovation Lab in partnership with Jokkolabs, YUP, Manko, Bluenove and Le Plateauhave made the commitment to continue the adventure. This second round is called "Tam-Tam".

"Tam-Tam" will be the second hackathon dealing with informal actors issues on the African continent. Officially launched the 16 April 2018, this event is chapter 2 of the story. It is part of the continuity of the project initiated in December, during which 14 innovative startups from all over Africa worked together to design, prototype, and test unique solutions that meet the needs of informal actors, also invited. Through listening, humility and learning, this bootcamp and hackathon will give a voice to unbanked and/or poorly-banked population.

Societe Generale wanted to involve teams of internal employees who will work alongside startups to find solutions to their problems.

For 1 month, this gathering will debate the subjects of health and financial education with the aim of identifying the major issues on which startups will work thereafter.

Join Tam-Tam to share your ideas!

L'arbre à Palabres

Pan African Hackathon around the informal economy

In December in Abidjan, the Societe Generale's Innovation Lab in Africa launched its second hackathon. This time, the objective was to identify the needs of actors in the grey sector and to find customized and innovative solutions to their problems.

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