Strategic and ambitious throughout the continent, the SAFARI project aims not only to engage the collective in the foundation of the development strategy in Africa, but also its products, its business models, its markets, its territories and its business model.

In terms of content, the discussions focused on three main subjects that reveal the current state of mind of the African subsidiaries and their will to collaborate, innovate and digitalize:

1/ Create synergies between the subsidiaries by continuing a supervision of local specificities

2/ Emphasize on new segments even if they're risk-taking

3/ Take on board the digitalization and the customer-centricity Innovation and synergies between countries were the most popular topics and showed great enthusiasm, as a symbol of the determination to build and innovate across borders.

Both strategic and ambitious, the SAFARI project aims at engaging collectively in building the Group's development strategy in Africa, its products, business models, markets, territories and its operational model.